Pre-Made Create a Parks

Detailed Description:

With the announcement of 1 + 2, it’s been known that the game will feature create a park, however something that’s been in most, if not every entry in the series, has been pre-made create a parks, starting with Pro skater 2. it would be great if they could bring back all of the original Pre-Made Create a Parks, however there is one that I believe the game very desperately needs, and that is the most iconic level in all of the franchise; Montana. Montana is probably the best level in the series, full of a bunch of stuff to trick off of and it’s just really great to be able to play, especially with friends, and with this game having split screen it would be perfect for them to make a return.

Does this suggestion exist in THPS1/THPS2?
If no: please provide reasoning on why it should exist in the THPS 1+2 game.

Yes and no, Pro skater 1 did not feature the Create a Park feature at all, however Pro skater 2 added it, and with that it added the pre-made parks, and in the Pro skater 2 pre-made parks there was Montana