THUGPRO Mapping Tutorial Videos

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So today, I have started a great series that I hope helps out loads of people who either have never done mapping and want to start doing it, or help people who have been doing it, but need to learn a certain thing, so here is a link to the playlist of the tutorial videos and here are the topics I got done so far :D Happy  Mapping

Part 1 The Basics (Basic Blender Controls, Creating a single player spawn, Vert Nodes, Grind Nodes)
Part 2 Extract Rails and OOB (How to create extract rails and use them, and setting up a Out Of Bounds Spot)
Part 3 Teleports and Boost Rails (How to create a teleport with custom text and setting up boost rails)
Part 4 Jump Boosts and Breakable Glass (How to set up wallplant and ground jump boosts, and how to make glass breakable with sound)
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