THPS Soundtracks for THUGPro - Direct Download Links

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Here you will find direct download links to THUGPro-compatible soundtracks for every Tony Hawk game! (Even the bad ones!) I have uploaded these to MEGA in the past, but I have since taken these down and moved them to Google Drive. I have posted a link to a Drive folder containing every soundtrack I made for THUGPro including every TH soundtrack, but I thought it would be more convenient to post the THPS soundtracks here.

All soundtracks are in their explicit forms. I might also make game-rip versions with all the songs as they are in their respective games. Most songs are also encoded from lossless sources. Enjoy!

1999Tony Hawk's Pro Skater / Skateboarding14Link
2000Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 215Link
2001Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 320Link
2002Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 437Link
2003Tony Hawk's Underground77Link
2004Tony Hawk's Underground 253Link
2005Tony Hawk's American Wasteland63Link
2006Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam40Link
2006Tony Hawk's Project 862Link
2007Tony Hawk's Proving Ground58Link
2009Tony Hawk: RIDE62Link
2010Tony Hawk: SHRED64Link
2015Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 532Link
2020Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+259Link
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Some official 'as-is' game OSTs so I don't lose them and have to remake a third time  ;D

GameDownload Link
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 Australian PC RetailDownload from Google Drive
Tony Hawk's Underground Australian PC RetailDownload from Google Drive

They are made from the very same censored streams that are on the game discs. Should be tagged and ordered in the exact same way the games have them. Let me know if anything is wrong.

If anybody can help me decode the THAW PC music wad, that would be great. The tool on THPS-Mods doesn't even extract the PS2 Underground files successfully. A tool on GitHub pre-warns that it doesn't support THAW.
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