(THUG1) Plus and Revisited Compile

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This is a mash up mod from THUG Plus and Revisited (PS2 version). Make sure to backup qb.pre and sk5ed.pre before replacing.

Support: ClownJob'd and Original THUG


  • 3 Lost Levels
  • Park Editor memory increase, Beta pieces, Merged pieces, Floating Rail (Place a rail and press grab button)
  • Time of Day
  • Cheats (Affect entire server)
  • Select different visual themes online
  • Flying Mode
  • Debug menu
  • Skateboard doesn't disappear after bailing every time
And more...

  • ClownJob'd.dll: Has park memory space problem. The bar take up half of the memory. Some how Patch.dll works fine.
  • Patch.dll: Down and Right buttons act like Up direction and Left direction on Park Editor controls (Game Pad Only).
  • Two blank spaces in park editor theme menu lead you to nothing and disable the controls completely.

I originally planned to replace 3 lost levels to Skater Island, Oil Rig, and Marseilles from THUG Plus but the game crash leaving the levels. There was going to be 8 Observers but never found the scripts.
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