i5: THPS [i]mprovisation Tournament. $1,000 in Prize Money. Sign-ups: Feb. 15th

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Dear THPS players and fans,

We're really excited to share i5, the fifth installment of the THPS *i*mprovisation tournament! This improv tourney is a chance for THUG PRO's most creative, original players to shine and compete for $1,000 in prize money. Sign-ups open February 15th and close February 27th.

Players interested in participating must submit a 1-minute prov run in their level of choice during this timeframe, with unlimited tries allowed. Five judges, one from each of THPS%u2018s most storied clans, will then select thirty-two participants based on the strength of these runs, and successive rounds will take place in the form of first-try 1v1 prov battles, the last of which will take place the week of April 4th. All matches will be streamed live via Twitch, with live commentary. Whether you%u2018ve been a hardcore THPS player for two years or twenty, this is a chance to take part in a dedicated community%u2018s most iconic tournament.   

Players interested in submitting a run to the preliminary round must first fill out a brief form, which will become accessible at  https://thug.live/ on February 15th. Watch the trailer below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmaqPuDRnkE

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Oh babbyyyyy! I can't believe it's finally here. Even if y'all are just getting into prov, I highly encourage you to submit a run!