Extended THPS1+2 Soundtrack Plus Bonus THPS2 PocketPC Soundtrack (THUG Pro)

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Includes all songs from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 plus Committed from the original THPS, B-Boy Document '99 and Out with the Old from the original THPS2, all songs from the iOS version of THPS2, and all the new songs from THPSHD (excluding the THPS3 DLC song). Also included are files for the PAL exclusive THPS songs and all songs from the PocketPC version of THPS2. They're not included as part of the soundtrack due to custom soundtracks being limited to 80 tracks. If you want to switch any songs in the custom soundtrack, edit the json file yourself.
Also, here's the PocketPC version's music as a completely separate custom soundtrack since I'm pretty sure nobody else has done it yet.
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