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I'm new to THUGPro and am really enjoying the experience.  I've been adding lots of custom characters and levels and trying to leave positive feedback.  You guys do a lot of great work!

Anyway, I downloaded a couple of Tanerseto's custom skaters - Gotenks and Buzz Lightyear.  They are both awesome, but they both use the ped_imp model names.  No big deal.  I just changed Gotenks model files to ped_boxer.  However, I noticed Tanerseto includes .SKA files for CAS for his custom skaters, which apparently allows him to customize their move sets, which is awesome!  But since they both use the imp, I can only get one of the models to have the custom CAS move set.  So, I thought I'd be clever and open Gotenks' .SKA file with notepad++.  I search for 'ped_imp' and replaced it with 'ped_boxer' in the text, just that easy right??  But when I opened THUGPro again it says that the save file is corrupt.  So I just deleted it, no harm done.  But I'm wondering, is there some way I can reattribute the .SKA file to ped_boxer so I can have both characters move sets active at the same time?