"Los Angeles" Map Comparison THPS3 Vs THPSHD

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Hello, DarksunMaster called me and today I come with a `General Comparison of the map" Los Angeles "by Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (2001) With his version of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD (2012), well let's just think once.

Before anything you have to know that the comparison of the map was made with the PC version of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, Likewise the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD With its PC Version, The Final Purpose of the Comparison is to inform, without profit.

To start the comparison, let's compare your previews and unlock ways,

The preview of Los Angeles (The screen in the upper left corner of the image) is located in the extreme northwest of the level from the point of appearance, very close to the cinema, you can also see the Purple tower and some cars, the level It is the seventh level of THPS3, to be unlocked after obtaining at least one bronze medal in "Skater Island".

As for the HD, the preview is very similar to that of THPS3 but this has been moved a little more to the left, so that the cinema is no longer possible, now the Purple tower takes its place, nor are the cars THPS3, How much the unlock mode in the HD, is a dlc level, that means that to have the dlc, it will be unlocked immediately, along with Canada and Airport.

Well now we will see the starting point of the level, in both games it is the same place but we are going to see the same, Notice: most of the differences that we will now see will depend on you, since most of the differences are graphic, if you find one difference not listed here, please leave your difference list in the comments.

HD: The same, but different.

Now the Roof where you can jump onto the highway.

HD: Now there are traffic cones here!

The liquor store behind the car wash.

HD: Now they covered the windows of the store.

The Plaza below the highway.

HD: You now have a blue colored part and a decal.

The water source near the start of the level.

HD: Now the little trees are palm trees!

The famous car wash of the Havgas company.

HD: The icons are smaller and the pillar is not broken.

The stairs in front of the fountain.

HD: The same! Note: the van on the right hand side is not parked! It was just passed by there and now!

The Cinema, Nice isn't it?

HD: Now the cinema only shows two premieres instead of four and the film "THHD" is also going to be released.

The Highway ... Now destroyed.

HD: IT'S THE SAME, only foggy.

The Secret Box or Secret Area, Whatever you want to call it.

HD: The same as always!

Well those were the most notable changes I could notice, if you noticed something I didn't see, you can list and blah blah blah.

Other changes were: the traffic vehicles are different between the original and the remake, lacked pedestrians, in the original version the highway after being destroyed, a car hanging, while the HD nothing is left are some of the differences, maybe make another comparison with THPS2 maps As School 2, Thanks for watching, bye
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