Got into Rigging and Porting and have some Questions / Could use a bit of help

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Hello there! i've recently gotten into wanting to Convert levels/Models for skaters of the like for use in THUG and while i have gotten a fairly nice grasp on it i've still got a few questions i'd like to ask and get help on if possible.

1 ~ When it comes to Replacing certain Skaters some don't appear to get replaced even when everything is dummied. Example would be in my case i want to replace the Secret Skater "Private Carrera" with something else putting all the right files where they should and starting up the game and checking the model doesn't get replaced at all and still default Carrera, even when putting them in both the THUGPRO directory(Where the actual files are located) and putting them in where they would be in the original THUG Directory. Same goes for the Nurse, replace both directories with a model swap but everything remains the same. Can these models not be replaced or am i missing something?

2 ~ I've noticed that some Custom Skaters come with save files that replace certain Pedestrian skaters that are only accessible through the FreeSkate menu and I would like to know how to accomplish this myself or even replace one of the "Pre-built skaters" if that's possible too. Custom Save linking to the replacement.

3 ~ This one is more of an Issue i'm concerned with.
This one is more of an issue i have seem to come across when rigging up a custom skater. I've got everything rigged, skeleton, and all and even got it to function somewhat properly in-game but all the weights were messed up which wasn't a big deal because that can be cleaned up with relative ease. The problem though is that once i cleaned things up and everywhere is weighted as they should be and i exported it again it came up with an Error that I've never seen before
"ValueError: Invalid Literal for int() with base10: 'Bone017' location: <Unknown location>:-1 "

I thought maybe i did something wrong so i decided to go back to the original model that worked when I first exported it and exported it again as it was and the same error showed up when before it exported just perfectly fine, so, what happened? I tried looking it up but i couldn't find anything that would help me other than its a script error of sorts, so now I'm left frustrated. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mapping and rigging all seem easy to grasp and i really want to get into it since i love these games and want to create some stuff for the community so any help would be appreciated! (Also if anyone has a link to that Weight_transfer_skater.blend file located in The_Con-Sept wonderful tutorial thread it would make some things much easier since the link is dead!)

Well i manage to solve the issue i had in the 3 ~ Spoiler, as it turns out exporting to THUG2 model doesn't like it when the Bones are named so simply renaming them to 1 - 2 - 3 and so on managed to fix it but of course, I've come to realize that Custom skeletons don't quite work and only useful for getting the model into a proper T-POSE. If anyone has that Weight_transfer_skater.blend and would like to help it would be appreciated

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1. You might have to disable auto update in the launcher, go into the gamepad bindings tab and press Ctrl+Alt+D

2. There's an option at the bottom of the skater select menu that says "Make Custom Skater" that'll allow you to edit scaling among other things. Then you can press Save Skater to create the .ska file

I've attached the blend file if you still need it