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I reunited some of the best suggestions from community and that I made to make Create-A-Park (Park Editor) even better on THUG Pro. I will separate them in categories: Maybe Easy, Maybe Medium and Maybe Hard to implement into the CAP.

- Easy?

Out of Bounds!

The famous "Out of Bounds!" message when you try to get out of the boundaries of the map. Not only this message, but "Stay in School", "Don't do drugs", "Good One!", "Nice One!", "Loser!" are some of the messages that appear too. Most of them consist of a invisible trigger: when you pass through it, the skater is teleported to another section and the red iconic messages are displayed. The invisible trigger can be something like a invisible wall or present in the floor (triggering in the floor most of the times result in a bail).

This trigger could be in the CAP to prevent players to pass through areas that are not allowed, especially in city themed parks. They would be visible in Park Editor, but invisible ingame (just like 1p, 2p, horse, KoTH pieces). Example:

Currently I use a trick in my parks to do something similar, but sometimes it can be very frustrating. Water + some floor textures (not all are possible)

As you can see, the water texture is underneath the street texture, but the water trigger doesn't. I use this tricks alot in my parks. Examples that I already uploaded in Vault that use this trick: Suburband, Relaxing Plaza and Beach Land.

Example in Relaxing Plaza park that I made.

This Out of Bounds piece for CAP could save a lot of memory because it prevents to use water (actually consumes a lot of memory). I don't know if it could be hard to implement, but it's only a invisible side non-collidable "wall" trigger that "kills" the skater (does not bail it), display the iconic messages and teleport it to 1p position. Works almost exactly the same as floor triggers (acid, lava, water, pit), the differences are no texture, it's a side "wall" and does not bail the skater.

Invisible Wall

Same concept as "Out of Bounds!" piece, except that it does not trigger anything and it's just a solid invisible side wall, only visible in Park Editor. Non-wallridable and non-grindable.

This could be userful to use on top of the custom buildings to prevent players to pass through, or on top of the fences.

New Floor Textures

I think the default floor texture from CAP is boring. We need more concretes, woods, grasses, bricks etc. And they could be solid on bottom too (to make roofs).

Fences from CAP

A option to toggle on/off the ugly CAP fences (keeping the invisible wall) would be awesome, or the ability to remove one by one like this:

Currently I use some high walls to hide those fences (screenshot from Relaxing Plaza above shows that). I don't know if it's too hard to implement this, maybe isn't?

Simple Themes

I think more themes with water/sea only texture, city texture with paper buildings/trees textures surroundings (especially the water/sea, because of the beach themes) and even skybox only without anything would be awesome. I made a concept of how could be a theme like one of those:

Those themes use very simple textures, most of them blurried. But I don't know how easy can be to implement. And even without texture, just skybox, can be userful.

- Medium?

New Objects - Suggestions from Community

Remove Resize Memory Limit

Resizing park while the park is full is impossible. Removing this limitation would be interesting.

Building Textures Only

Some paper side-textures like this can give parks more diversity, especially when used in "out of bounds" parts, attached to the limits of the park (fences) or to walls that are created by the player, using floor textures as roofs.

Windows and Doors pieces

Alternatively, Doors and Windows textures could be userful attached to walls created by the players. Examples:

This can give street parks a lot of life and avoid things like this:

Past Game Exclusive Pieces (THPS3, THPS4, THUG1)

Topic about that:

And screenshots that I took showing the exclusive pieces from THUG1 that could be added:

Remember, add pieces, not replace it. So the Big Skyscraper from THUG 2 remains the same, while the new Big Skyscraper from THUG 1 is added without replacing the THUG 2 one. Same for the House Small etc.

One question, MHPB2 runs in the same engine as the TH games? How hard is to convert things from MHPB2 to THUG Pro? Maybe I will post some prints of the pieces from MHPB2 Park Editor to show some of the cool things in the game.

More Trees, Bushes, Vehicles and Buildings

A lot of people don't know, but a great placement of vegetation can make a map very organic and full of life. But we need more variety of those vegetations. In my park called "Beach Land" (on Vault) you already can see that with HI Palm Trees added to THUG PRO Exclusive Pieces section could make my park very organic. Then imagine other types of vegetation.

Vehicles do this too. The red Jeep is boring as hell, and can make street parks very uniform because of a one simple repetitive car. Bringing the two Jeeps from THAW (grey and yellow) would be awesome, but we need more than jeeps. Just simple cars, like taxis, cop cars, normal cars, trucks etc. All of them are already in the game, just like a lot of pieces suggested here.

And solid buildings (like House Projects) are another thing that can make a park full of life. For example, this is a exploit in Los Angeles theme you can make to "bring" this building from the theme  inside to your park:

Look how organic a city park could be with buildings like this. But unfortunately this is a glitch and sometimes the fence textures can flick with this building.

Better and Large Street Textures

I think, for City Themed parks, Larger Streets are necessary, since this default Street Texture is too small and uses only 3x3. Comparison from other maps:

Create-A-Park default Street Floor

Tampa street from THUG1

College street from THPS4

One idea is to create 3x3 textures, but you just rotate it and make a larger street. Here is my concept:

Or create a complete 3Lx5W and/or 3Lx7W street texture. Just to have 2 options, one with even width and other with odd width.

Decent Curbs/Ledges

In my street parks I improvise a curb using a giant Venice Bench Huge under the floor. They are grindable and always will be above the street. They are large, 2x6 (being even number sometimes is better) and fit in almost every situation. I don't use no more that ugly default curb. Reasons: It doesn't have a floor texture to continue the curb. Example of my curb trick that uses the Venice Bench Huge, the floor continues into the park (arrow), making the rest of the park visually more attractive:

And this curb is pratically useless:

It doesn't have continuation, only curved parts. I think it's possible to make it somehow userful adding pieces to complete it.

And ledges are a issue too. I just use default low walls, but I think we need more ledges. Ledges are a very important thing in real life when we talk about street skating.

Lights Without Traffic Lights

The image speaks for itself.

Only the light without this traffic light could be a great thing to add.

Huge Slopes Fix

They are grindable, but when grinding they act like woods.

- Hard?

Real Memory Usage Fix

Ok, this part can be difficult to understand. I will probably make a topic just to explain this. But what I can say is that the memory bar is not real. Just ignore it. I made an old topic on thmods explaining more or less the trick to avoid this fake consumption bar and proving with a+b that you can make a 56x56 park with the same memory limit as a 8x8 park has.

Probably soon I will make a updated version of this topic on thpsx (they already asked me to do so).

A suggestion to devs is to fix this bar to show the real consumption of the memory using pieces. Maybe is too hard to do that, but I will put this as a suggestion anyway.

Teleport Piece

Pieces that teleport players from a to b and vice versa without breaking their combo using invisible non-collidable walls. They would use slots too, maybe max 2. Or something like "Teleport A1" "Teleport B1", "Teleport A2" and "TeleportB2" pieces (always teleporting from A to B and vice versa) making impossible to use more than 2 teleport systems per park.

Solid Open Themes

Themes that you can explore without fences (just like Hell theme) and are complete solid would be awesome, but I know it's hard to implement. Themes like Austin in the Park Editor from MHPB2 that you can ride outside of the park (PRINTS SOON).

Increase Limit of Parks

I know it's hard to implement this, but I will put this as suggestion anyway.

Somehow increase the .PRK file size and the memory limit itself of the parks to avoid random crashes when the park is more than full.


That's it for now  ;D  I think some of the easy suggestions have to be implemented soon as possible, like out of bounds, invisible walls, toggle fences etc (pls devs). I don't think is too hard to implement, since they do not involve texturing, conversion etc.

(And I don't know why "change color" in texts doesn't work  :()
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I love creating parks.
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Something that I imagine shouldn't be too hard to add, would be corner Slopes, both inside and outside, with different lengths on each side. At the moment there's just the 1x1 or the 2x2 corner slopes, whereas if there were the option of 1x2 corner slopes - going from a High to a High Long, for example - we could get some far more complex and interesting ramps and funboxes going on.