THPS2 Pre-made Parks CAP Pack

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A while ago, I started remaking some of the Pre-made Park choices found in the Pro Skater 2 Custom Park editor, quickly realizing that uploading them all individually would flood Community Creations and be both cumbersome and discourteous. So that's what I've been up to recently, recreating all 50 of the cramped low-poly wonderlands to the best of my abilities. The 60x6 parks have been tweaked very slightly to allow them to fit the 56x8 upper/lower bounds of the THUG Pro park editor, and there are a few bonus fences in those parks with less co-operative dimensions.

The parks are all bundled up in a .zip file in the download link below, so have fun with them!

CTF/KOTH capability for all parks will be added soon.

CAPs included
  • Up. Down. Repeat.
  • Pit Of Death
  • DDT
  • Radlands
  • Chicken's Coop
  • Mowjow Jowjow
  • Pungee Gardens
  • Westside
  • Picnic At The Pool
  • Montana
  • Shisky
  • Skoo
  • Snakerland
  • Teotihuacan
  • Vert Park Of IC
  • Dedham Skatepark
  • Fong's Basement
  • Two Lane Raceway
  • The Dizmaker
  • Congested Raceway
  • Obstacle Course
  • Tag Maze
  • Max's Park
  • Chimp Palace
  • Pouncer's House
  • Trucks Skatepark
  • Hangar 19
  • Race Away
  • Lee Contest
  • HopNGrind
  • Props
  • Pyramid Grind
  • Tag Arena
  • Patch Sooper Jump
  • Wallride Court
  • Find The 23
  • Spiralpark
  • Chum's Pimpage
  • High And Low
  • Moat
  • Down In The Lab
  • Metalhedz Park
  • Too Much Dujura
  • Hard Ten
  • Hall Of Pipes
  • Whoop-De-Doo
  • Coolidge Corner
  • The Milve Raceway
  • Quaglietta

-> Download link here <-
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Isn't Montana already included in THUG2's and most other Tony Hawk games' pre-made parks? Basically a Montana skatepark is simply just a tree in the middle.

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It is, but I couldn't remember if it got altered very very slightly from game to game, plus it was relatively easy to add it anyway and complete the set of parks rather than miss one out, so I included the THPS2 version of Montana in this, complete with all 2 of its gaps.