RAD Video Tools - Older Version (v0.8i) Download

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When I create soundtracks for THUGPro, I like to use an old version of the RAD Video Tools (version 0.8i RC1) to encode songs. This is because these older tools can encode songs in much higher quality than the new tools. I don't use these tools for every soundtrack I make, though. I only use them for soundtracks that I believe deserve to be in higher quality. You can also use these tools to encode BIKs that are compatible with THPS2 for PC.

DOWNLOAD: https://archive.org/details/RADVideo-v08i

Below is a spectrogram comparison between the old and new tools (encoded from a lossless WAV with Compression Level 0):

If you're a sucker for audio quality like me, I would recommend these tools! However, here are some things to keep in mind:
  • These tools cannot encode songs in bulk, unlike the newer tools. If you have a lot of songs to encode, it can take a while.
  • Encoding one song takes a lot longer than it does with the newer tools. It took 9 seconds to encode the example song with the new tools; it took about a minute with the old tools.
  • The higher quality audio comes with a cost of file size. The new tools have a 5:1 compression ratio; the old tools have a 3:1 ratio.

If you don't care too much for audio quality, then I do not recommend getting this. The newer tools are more convenient and encode a lot faster. The audio quality is just fine, too.

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