[THUG1] Mod v1.3

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  • Everything is unlocked by default except pedestrians skaters
  • Menus rearranged
  • Level Select from Thug+ and polished
  • Park memory limit increased (Trouble on ClownJob'd.dll), Floating rail by pressing the grab button after placing a rail down, and merged pieces (There will be more in the updates)
  • Wallride and Walk are now gap type in Park Editor
  • 8 Observers online
  • 5 sec - 30 min timer gamemode online
  • Switch themes interface online
  • Playlist in sound options online
  • Screen Mode menu
  • Options in park editor test play
  • All cars control type in every level in Goal Editor menu

  • Park Editor Control buttons are messed up. Use a program to map the controls from controller to keyboard

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