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General THPS(X) / LB!Toguro
« on: June 03, 2016, 07:26:02 pm »
Hello community!
I just want to introduce myself.
I'm Jimmy and I' ve been playing TH games since 2002. Many of you may know me, because I sometimes host a servers - realskating/freeskating servs - and some of you, guys, enters my small, but cozy server :D Jointly with LB!Jacu we decided to make CaPs and started to "ride realisticly" maaaany years ago. Some of you can have fun of us, but we're adult guys with some spare time to chill and relax, so we play that game for FUN and to have fun of it we build our own skateparks. But.... return to the point of my post.
Some of my parks are there, because I uploaded them for you Guys.
BUT, today when I was playing, SK8*William have joined my serv and asked me if we have new member in our (old old old) clan - LB. Said he saw LB!Toguro and thought he's with us. So I denied, it isn't a member of LB. I was surprised, because me and Jacu do not invite anybody to clan since the THAW was shuted. Furthermore, I saw on Youtube (in the newest icebears4ever mov.) that he also invite random players to LB.!!! He also stole my park ("Modstep").. Sadly, he also uploaded that there and wrote it's HIS best park and that HE have build it... I'm pretty sure he stole not only that CaP... I once met him, I was veeery surprised that we got new member, so I decided to try him. He failed my little test, so I asked him how he joined LB. He didn't say anything  - just started to call my names.
Admin, I just appeal to you to ban that user - not only for cheating, but also for thievery.
Best regards, LB*Jimmy :)

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