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Contests & Tournaments / Re: CAP Contest #10: Winner!
« on: October 14, 2019, 09:49:47 pm »
Judging from previous contests, whatever the next one happens to be is something you're in control of. I'm a bit eager to see what it is, I hit an idea block this contest, seeing if I can get in the next one.

Contests & Tournaments / Re: CAP Contest #10 : Deadline 10-8-2019
« on: September 25, 2019, 05:59:47 pm »
Just a check. Had an idea to recreate the monument pit area in THPS2 New York but I'd need other pieces and nothing comes to mind that is solidly THPS. Thanks for the reply though.

Contests & Tournaments / Re: CAP Contest #10 : Deadline 10-8-2019
« on: September 24, 2019, 09:51:32 pm »
Also should ask, do elements from other games count, so long as the park idea has been featured in a Tony Hawk game? I got a copy of X Games Skateboarding for the PS2, and they have a New York level in there that could be blended into a representation of the THPS2 original (Side note, if it can be ripped and made a regular level, please do, it's another Acid Factory situation where the level itself may be good for the THUG2 engine but the original source game's crap.), and Grind Session has a Brooklyn Banks themed level as well. Since mashups are allowed, it might be worth clarifying if it's just THPS stuff that is relevant, or THPS stuff and others.

Contests & Tournaments / Re: CAP Contest #10 : Deadline 10-8-2019
« on: September 24, 2019, 09:33:49 pm »
I'll ask another question for clarity's sake, and forgive me if it sounds too out there, but the THPS engine was used for a few games, what of recreating spots from, say, the Matt Hoffman's Pro BMX Series, since that used a similar engine? Might as well ask since I'm sitting on a pseudo-tribute to the Treatment Plant level. Bit too different for this contest, I titled it v2 or something for a reason and the mega pool was gonna take up way too much park space, but someone else may have a similar idea, so I'll ask. It'll be interesting to see what is produced regardless.

Questions & Tutorials / Issues with Custom Levels
« on: June 15, 2019, 09:37:10 pm »
First time poster, long time Tony Hawk skater fan. I downloaded the Los Santos Skatepark level, and it constantly crashes and won't run. It came with the .prx files and the .dat file, but no .json file. Help?

Unrelated note, am computer illiterate, where to put create-a-park levels?

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