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Heyall. I have been making a Brawl overhaul mod for the past 3 months. And one of the new things I want to introduce would be content from the THPS games.

So I am trying to come up with a moveset for a Pro Skater character, and how they would function.

I also have created a few polls where you can vote for who the Pro Skater character will be.

And here is a poll for the stage
You can vote multiple times in this poll

The end goal is to have two pro skaters that are semi-clones of each other be playable, and have 3-5 stages from the THPS games be playable.

I just started working on the moveset he will be built off of the project M version of Ike, and be sort of a floaty and momentum gimmicky character. Right now the moveset is not much more than a proof of concept. But it is too incomplete for me to show just yet.

Current Video

The Color Indicates the following stage of production.
Red = Planned and not stated
Yellow = There, but not balanced or has animation problems
Green = Complete and may need some future work, but is fully playable
Blue = Complete with no or negligible issues

Switching Between On and Off Board
Run/Dash to get off your board, Walk to stay on your board. Pro Skater is slower on his feet, but gets a very fast burst of speed starting his run. Staying on your board, by walking will make your faster.

Underground Punch
This will be Pro Skater's neutral attack. Unlike Ike's 3 hit neutral combo, Pro Skater will just have a single punch. This punch is intended to be a started for combos.

Board Whack
This will be Pro' Skaters Dash and off board attack.

Spine Transfer to Nose Grab to Front Flip
Boon's combo from from THAW will replace the Ather recovery attack.

Freak Out
This will replace Erruption with a Freak Out. Hold the B button to charge up your anger. Charging it partial will deal about 5 to 15 damage, with no flinching but it will cover half of the stage. Fully charging it will deal as much damage as a falcon punch, but it will only stun the opponent slightly. Using Freak Out alone it will be near impossible to KO opponets using it. However

Air Walk
A Meteor Smash Down Air attack that will send the target downwards.

Pro Skater's Back Air Attack.

Pro Skater will posses 8 weak mid air jumps.

Holding the jump button for >=7 frames  will make Pro Skater Preform a Boneless and act as a large jump.

No Comply
Holding the Jump button for <7 frames will make Pro Skater preform a NoComply a normal size jump.

We all bail quite often and typically we can only handle getting slapped or burned with a fire ball a few times before we lose. As such the Pro Skater will be a relatively light character, with a very hard time recovering from combo's and metor smashes, and having a low air friction. So you got to master not getting hit.

Moon Gravity
A very popular cheat to use. And because Pro Skater will be a very air-based character, it is vital that he can have good hang time.

Beaver Blast
I have no idea how this would work.

Final Smash: Focus Mode
The Timer stops to a halt (10 seconds), your opponents get slowed by 50%, and you get to keep doing that amazing combo without him able to really interfere with you.
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I actually have some ideas for a moveset.

Tilt/smash Attacks:
  • The board whack from THAW
  • The bitchslap that the skater does in the Slap! game mode
  • The skate check from THPG, which is like an elbow attack as well as a full-swing punch
  • The punch that the main character does to Eric in the alternate ending in THUG

Air Attacks:
  • Airwalk. Can work like a down-air and spike opponents.
  • Ollie North. Can work as a Neutral-air. Sorta like Mario's N-air.
  • Backflip Nosegrab or any grab trick for the matter. Can work as an up-air.
  • 180 Varial. Can work as a Forward-air.
  • Judo. Can work as a back-air.

Special Attacks:
  • Getting on your board, as well as being able to throw it and needing to retrieve it if thrown, pretty much like Wario's bike. Might work best as Neutral-special.
  • The 900. Can work as an up-special and make you jump.
  • Graffiti Tag. A projectile attack. Can work as a side-special.

Final Smash:
FREAK OUT! Your attacks will be much stronger for a small amount of time. Sorta like Wario's final smash or Lucario's in Super Smash Bros 4.

I dunno. That's pretty much all I got for ideas for a moveset.

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Gonna bump my thread. It disappeared after I combined two of my posts in the original post. And I would like some feedback plz.

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And I would like some feedback plz.
The only thing I got to say is that if this ever becomes a reality, I'll definitely check it out.
I use mods on Brawl via the Smash Stack method.