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Create-A- / Custom Level Megapack- 80 levels- Spring 2022
« on: March 18, 2022, 01:40:08 pm »
Custom Level Megapack by Beastiethumbs
google drive link:

step 1
(copy this 'User' folder over your pre-existing 'User' folder, located in 'Username> AppData> Local> THUG Pro'. make sure to backup your pre-existing 'User' folder before making any changes!)

optional step 2
(PLEASE NOTE this 'User' folder includes models i swapped out. You will need to backup your 'Models' folder so you can copy over your original 'Peds', 'Skater_Pro', and 'THUGPRO_Peds' folders- to avoid model replacement. If you're fine with the model replacement, simply stick with step 1, or replace these individually later.)

this level pack includes:

THPS2X Sky Lines/ letmynutzgo
Greenpark/ letmynutzgo
Shilo Dunes/ Skater1014
Acid Factory/ ThAEm
Green Screen/ -AK-
Baltimore/ Larxian
gm_bigcity/ Kuato, TomoAlien, Skater1014
Bobomb Battlefield/ burggg
Surface Tension Dam/ LudiCruz
Canada Plus/ -AK-
carolincity_erp_a3/ ported bobop
Casino/ idiot
ChromaCity/ Sattan
CodeRed/ Sattan
Delfino Plaza/ Skater1014
DESA Olliewood/ letmynutzgo
Mirrored Olliewood/ letmynutzgo
Primal Park/ letmynutzgo
Downtown Bikini Bottom/ William
Dust 2/ LudiCruz
Eisenberg's Skatepark/ Sneeze
The Plant/ kuato
Tokyo Bus Terminal/ letmynutzgo
Factory/ Iron Hawk
Firelink Shrine/ sockpuppetkingdom
Greenville Park/ Skater1014
Venice HD/ denetii
Jellyfish Fields/ William
Junkyard/ Sattan
Twilight Town Market/ PunkyDTH
LittleBigWorld/ tyler.thpsx
London_MHBMX2/ elmo
LosAngeles_MHBMX2/ elmo
MainStreet/ Sattan
Luigi's Mansion/ Skater1014
Moominhouse/ LudiCruz
Portland (MHPB2)/ IH/Rainbow Studios
MHBMX2_Boston/ patrown
MHBMX2_NewOrleans/ e99999
MHBMX2_OklahomaCity/ patrown
MHBMX2_Vegas/ patrown
MHPB Bluetorch Comp/ letmynutzgo
MHPB CFB Competition/ letmynutzgo
MHPB ConstructionYard/ letmynutzgo
Mirrored Construction/ letmynutzgo
Demo Hoffman Factory/ letmynutzgo
Mirrored Demo Factory/ letmynutzgo
MHPB La Habra/ letmynutzgo
MHPB NYC Park/ letmynutzgo
Mirrored NYC Park/ letmynutzgo
MHPB Treatment Plant/ letmynutzgo
MHPB Underground/ letmynutzgo
Mirrored Manhattan/ tyler
Super Bell Subway/ Skater1014
MKDS Desert Hills/ Mradamluigi
THPS4 MotoX/ .Hayabusa
NukeCONTEST/ Sattan & Sarge
Outset Island/ NamelessWarning
Penthouse/ Sattan
Philly/ Larxian
Pizza Planet/ idiot
THPS3 PS1 Downhill/ letmynutzgo
THPS3 PS1 Skater Island/ letmynutzgo
THPS3 PS1 Suburbia/ letmynutzgo
THPS3 PS1 Tokyo/ letmynutzgo
Puzzle1/ NamelessWarning
Radical City/ letmynutzgo
Resort/ Sattan
Rick and Morty/ PunkyDTH
Rampage Skatepark/ Skater1014
GE007 Runway/ SoulStorm64
Los Santos East/ PunkyDTH
Aegean Sea/ letmynutzgo
Slappys/ Sattan
Blackbelly Skatepark/ Skater1014
Moray Towers/ Skater1014
Streets/ tyler.thpsx
StreetSk8er2DC/ Sattan
SuburbsP8/ Brett
Tacobell/ Sattan

Create-A- / THUG Pro Mega Build mod pack. here ya go!
« on: October 31, 2021, 08:57:33 am »
Hey everyone! I am sharing my THUG Pro files. All you have to do is copy them over the THUG Pro files on your computer, so you don't have to individually replace each character/ level, etc. I hope this helps save time and energy! (i added a read-me file)
Included in this build are every character slot modded over with quality skaters from the THPSX vault. a diverse cast! and a bunch of levels and a few items.  :D
Enjoy! peace

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