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Happy 21st birthday to THPS3!  To celebrate, I've put together a mod that fixes up a number of issues in its PC port.  Okay, maybe not necessarily just for the occasion, its more that I've wanted to spend more time with the game (and speedrunners have long since complained about how hard the game is to run) but using joytokey and/or other hacks to make the game reasonably playable was frustrating. 

Download (Installation instructions are available in the included readme):

As of 1.0, the mod does the following:
  • Replaced input system entirely with new, modern system using the SDL2 library
  • Movement stick now controls menus
  • Improved cursor handling, no longer moving the cursor and only showing it when relevant
  • Improved window handling allowing for custom resolutions and configurable windowing
  • Fixed aspect ratio to be based on window dimensions (previously it was based on the PS2 framebuffer at 10:7/640x448)
  • The game no longer opens the game's launcher when run directly
  • Replaced configuration files with new INI-based system (see partymod.ini)
  • Custom configurator program to handle new configuration files
  • Fixed ledge warp bug where the skater is teleported down farther than intended
  • Fixed visually missing geometry in various areas (notably, the airport entrance and destructable wall in Skater Island)

Shoutout to gone for creating the ClownJob'd series of mods that inspired this one. 

The source is available in the github repository here:

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Made an account just to say thanks for this. Been 100%ing the game with this, works pretty much flawlessly. Only issue I could find was that the Goals List doesn't work during runs.