Anyone Know How To Create Custom Skaters For THUG?

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Hello My name is DarksunMaster and today I am asking how to create Custom Skaters for Tony Hawk's Underground or THUG,

Well whenever I opened the blender for anything, always but always via the import and export options and I found these options ...

And Export ...

Well I already know how to create skaters for the THUG2 now I want to create for the THUG, but then what is the problem?

the truth is that I have no problems with the import / export of and for THUG, my problem comes after exporting, well suppose I want to replace the Iron Man, which is a Secret Skater, His "Model" Files are in: "C : \ Program Files (x86) \ Activision \ Tony Hawk's Underground \ Game \ Data \ models \ Skater_Secret "

After replacing the .skin and .tex (the model and texture respectively), I am going to test the game to see my new skateboard but when I enter ... I see that Iron Man is still Iron Man!, This is one of many cases, Also and tried with Tony Hawk (all his files, those of Cutscene, those of Pedestrians and the playable model) without success, until he deleted the Iron Man files but somehow it continues to be shown, then, where are the real models of the skaters? and what are those in the "models" folder for?

Well then if you know the problem I have or have any suggestions, it would be helpful if you comment on it here or you can leave me a link to a page that explains how to do it correctly. Thank you for reading ;).
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have you tried finding  thug1's skater prx files and replacing them with blank thugpro prx files?