Cut Levels/Areas from the First Two Games

Detailed Description:

This one is a bit of a stretch, but I figured that I might as well throw this on here since it would be really cool. The first two games (THPS1 in particular) had levels that where worked on, or planned that got cut due to development time (Like THPS1 Suburbia, and “Downhill”), or due to the memory limits of the PS1 had areas in existing levels cut (Downtown parking garage, the extended banks NYC, etc), cut effects (the fire exits in the Mall that caught on fire), or stuff like San Fransisco, or Venice Beach that had their their level size cut nearly in half to run in the game at all. I wonder if any of that stuff in the Neversoft files/assets given to you people might have some stuff leftover, if so, I’d think it would be cool if you can get somebody to look at them to see what can work well.

Does this suggestion exist in THPS1/THPS2?
If no: please provide reasoning on why it should exist in the THPS 1+2 game.

No – Since these things were changed, or removed before the game’s released, and have only appeared in development builds of the game.