THUGPro Update

Thanks to the hard work and dedication put in by the entire development team, the long-awaited THUGPro update is ready to be released. Listed below are all of the changes and additions coming your way:

Beta Version
Change Log

Custom Content Support:
· Added custom soundtrack and custom level support!
· In the THUG Pro directory,
· you must create a directory with the name “User’
· .level.json and .sound.json files can be placed here.

· Level and Soundtrack file locations:
· Soundtracks:
· /user/data/music/soundtrack/*.bik
· Levels:
· /user/data/pre/*.prx

New Levels:
· Santa Monica (THAW)
· Marsielle (THAW, from THPS2)
· Minneapolis (THAW, from THPS)

Updated Skater Select:
· Updated U.I.
· Added 100+ new playable characters.
· Added option to use other characters as CAS.
· Added new skater anims.

[bg_collapse view=”button-blue” color=”#ffffff” inline_css=”font-size: 18px; ” icon=”arrow” expand_text=”Show Added Skaters:” collapse_text=”Show Less” ] · Aborigine
· Alien, Alien Doctor, Alien Leader
· Andrew Reynolds
· Arto Saari
· Australian Cop
· Bam Margera (Masked), Bam Margera (THUG)
· Beach Goer
· Ben Franklin
· Bigfoot, Bigfoot One
· Boat Captain
· Bob Burnquist (THUG)
· Bodyguard
· Boston Guy
· Boxer
· Bratwurst Vendor
· Bucky Lasek
· Bull Fighter
· Bullfighter
· Camera Man
· Chad Muska (THUG)
· Chainsaw Skater
· Construction Worker
· Corn Vendor
· Cut Chemist
· Daisy
· Darth Maul
· Demoness
· Doom Guy
· Eddie
· Elissa Steamer
· Eric Koston (THUG)
· Eric Sparrow, Eric Sparrow (THUG)
· Flute Player
· Geeky Kid
· Gene Simmons
· Geoff Rowley
· German Cop
· German Drunk 1, German Drunk 2, German Drunk 3
· Graffiti Punk
· Graffiti Tagger
· Guitar Player
· Horn Player
· Hospital Attendant
· Imp
· Inline Skater
· Iron Man
· Jamie Thomas
· Jango
· Jesse James
· Jester
· Johnny Turbo
· Judge
· Kareem Campbell
· Kelly Slater
· Lifeguard
· Lost Soul 1, Lost Soul 2, Lost Soul 3
· Lounge Singer
· Mayan
· Mayan Tiki Mask
· Metal Detector Guy
· Mike Vallely (THUG)
· Mime
· Minikart Driver
· Natas Kaupas
· Neversoft Eyeball
· Nick
· Nigel Beaverhausen
· Nurse
· Officer Dick
· Ollie The Magic Bum
· Paramedic
· Paul Rodriguez
· Paulie Ryan
· Phil Margera
· Pirate
· Price
· Private Carrera
· Ramp Kid
· Rastapopolous
· Revolutionary Soldier
· Rodney Mullen (Cutscene), Rodney Mullen (THUG)
· Rune Glifberg
· Ryan Sheckler
· Security Guard
· Shrimp Vendor
· Skaboto
· Skatopia Punk
· Space Monkey (Blue), Space Monkey (Green), Space Monkey (Pink)
· Stacy Peralta
· Steve Caballero
· Steve-O
· T.H.U.D.
· Todd
· Tony Hawk (THPS), Tony Hawk (THUG)
· Trooper
· VooDoo, Voodoo Doctor
· Wiener Vendor
· Wolverine
· X Ray
· Zombie 1, Zombie 2, Zombie Female


Updated User Interface (U.I.):
· Higher quality sprites.
· Improved screen element scaling.
· Updated net lobby menu screen.
· Updated pause menu screen.
· Restored THUG1 pause menu deck.

Updated Themes:
· Higher quality sprites.
· Added THUG1 secret skater themes.
· Added THUG1 retro hawk theme.
· Added create-a-theme mode.

Sound Options:
· Added music options sub menu.
· Added custom soundtrack support.
· Added soundtrack menu.
· Added tracklist menu.
· Added option to toggle between music and ambient track.
· Added option to skip music track at run start.
· Added skater voice toggle.
· Fixed Shrek voice bug…

Edit Tricks Menu:
· Added option to unassign tricks.
· Added option to swap / replace tricks.
· Fixed edit tricks bug where some tricks wouldnt save correctly.
· Fixed edit tricks bug where in some cases the same key combo
could be assigned to multiple tricks.

Added Classic Cheats:
· Cool Specials
· Kid Mode
· Invisible
· Hoverboard

[bg_collapse view=”button-blue” color=”#ffffff” inline_css=”font-size: 18px; ” icon=”arrow” expand_text=”Show Added Tricks:” collapse_text=”Show Less” ] · 1990 Invert
· 540 Board Varial
· American Tribute
· Assume The Position II
· Boot Burst
· Chomp On This
· Daffy Grind
· Falcon Guitar Slide
· Fire Blaster
· Fire Fire Fire
· Flip Kick Dad
· Flying Squirrel
· Ghetto Tag Grind
· Handstand 50-50
· Layback Sparks
· Layout Flip
· Lick It Up
· Muska Manual
· No Handed Madonna
· Nollie Flip Underflip
· Pogo Handstand
· Reemo Slide
· Rodeo Wrap
· Scary Grind
· Swimmer
· Roastbeef
· The Jackass
· The Scanner
· Varial
· Yeah Right Slide
· Primo Slide

Camera Options Menu:
· Added aspect ratio option
· Added fov option
· Added “Quick menu”, hold down select / tab to open.

Updated Observe Mode:
· Added the option to Observe the next and previous skater.
· Added the option to Observe your own skater.
· Added the option to detach the camera (Freecam).
· Added level overview camera angle.

Updated GameModes:
· Added ammo type alternatives for FireFight.
· Added pickup type alternatives for Scavenger Hunt.

· AirShuffle trigger input window is now decreased for each shuffle. Max is ~5
· BoostPlant is now limited to 4 WalliePlants.
· Buttslaps are now limited to 5.

· Added bloom post fx. Can be disabled in the launcher.
· Added multiple resolution / quality options for skater shadows.

· Restored console skater light effect.
Skaters and other dynamic objects
will now be affected by lights.

· Enabled previously unused water material effect.
· Disabled “dynamic” billboards.
· Added option to disable particles.

· Restored the Freecam. Available in FreeSkate and in Observe mode.

· Restored Freecam teleport function in FreeSkate.
Select “Viewer” for the
Select button option in General Options.
Select Teleport to Camera is bound to X / Ollie.

· Fixed memory leak when reloading assets.
Caused random crashing when loading levels and joining network games.

· Fixed obscure connection issue that occured when having too much stuff on your CAS!

· Fixed dark trick string color bug.
· Fixed color code issues when using the trick font as the chat font.

· Fixed special trick string color bug
Where doing a spine transfer and a special trick would sometimes highlight the wrong trick.

· Fixed window mode display artifacts.
The image will look good with the initial window size/resolution.

· Added warning messages for irreversible CAS options.
· Added wheel scaling option.
· Added griptape color option.
· Added default (none) deck graphic option.
· Fixed scaling issues with some of the board models.
· Fixed color options for some board models.
· Fixed griptape / graphic options for some board models.
· Added Jango Fett hoverboard.
· Added Jole’s HD board model and companion deck / griptape textures.

· Reconverted some level scene files. Fixed material issues.
· Reconverted some level collision files. Fixes wallride issues.

· Added skater “BoardOnFire” triggers to Manhattan, City Center and Training.
· Restored level event cutscene triggers for THUG2 levels.
· Added Level Option for the Berlin thunderstorm.
· Added random level shortcut in Level Select.
· Remember last selected level in Level Select.
· Fixed bug where the Skateshop menu would randomly disappear.
· Fixed bug where the skater would randomly freeze in the Skateshop.
· Fixed anim changing stuff and skater moving bugs in Skateshop.
· Now using option arrows for host options.
· Added new natas spin nodes to some levels.
· Removed a couple of unintentional natas spin nodes.
· Fixed Park Editor ped animation bugs.
· Added Custom Park Editor gap score option
· Fixed weather bounding box position update bug.

· Fixed crashing when choosing goals for Goal Attack in some levels.

· Updated cruise ship cutscene particles.
· Replaced the “water splash” level object with a particle effect.

· Differentiate between “Pivot” and “Bunny Hop Revert” .
· Don’t show buttslap couter for Neuro Plant.

· Added L1&L2 and R1&R2 spin key options.
· Added option to change Natas Spin key bindings.
· Added option to change Rail Stall key bindings.
· Added new gap tool options.
· Fixed bug where late ollies would not work when buttslaps were disabled.
· The total number of graffiti objects is now displayed in the rankings screen.
· Enabled vibration for xinput devices.
· Auto disable desktop composition in fullscreen mode.
· Fixed Shipyard restart orientation.
· Fixed School II yellow CTF team restart position.
· Removed random floating restart node in Slam City Jam.
· Added Level Option for Half Pipe Edge object in Training.

· Added name check option for peds
so if a ped is the same as the skater
being played it will use
a random skater ped model.

· Added Rowley pro goal rollin ramp Level Option in London.
· Added gap goal kicker Level Option in Hawaii.

· Updated script printf cfunc to format text correctly.
· Fixed Warehouse light flicker effect
· Fixed Skater Select stats menu bug.
· Updated net game mode description font and position.

· Fixed gap menu black screen bug.
· Fixed gap menu helper text bug.

· Fixed bug where the skater would get stuck:
When triggering the “FlailingFall” script when off-board. (Alcatraz and Cruise Ship)

· Fixed updater infinite loop bug.

· Opening the pause menu while in focus mode,
will now temporarily turn off slomo
until the game is resumed.

Game Launcher:

· Fixed a bug where the GUID of a controller
could be saved for player 1 and player 2 simultaneously.

· Enabled Debug mode by pressing Ctrl + Alt + D from the gamepad binding tab.
· Clear all binding controls by pressing Ctrl + 0 (zero) from the gamepad binding tab.
· Set default gamepad bindings for PS2 by pressing Ctrl + 1 from the gamepad binding tab.
· Set default gamepad bindings for XBOX by pressing Ctrl + 2 from the gamepad binding tab.

· Added skater light toggle.
· Added skater shadow toggle.
· Added screen effects toggle.
· Working on removing DllImport function:
· New methods for dragging the window around.
· Changed the background.
· Added in some controls to reduce the flicker of the tab control.
· Changing the Layout in the Gamepad Binding section
of the launcher will update in-game labels
to Playstation or Xbox buttons.


· Thanks to AxlRocks for the new high-res sprites.
· Thanks to Ksk for the work on the new Blender plugin,
and intergrating the new rendering and material effects
with THUG Pro. And for providing the hd skateboard model.
· Thanks to Demo for providing the new high-res fonts.
· Thanks to letmynutzgo and Splinks for the new skater models.
· And finally a special thanks to everyone for your patience and support.

Thank you to Chase Sechrist for all you’ve done.
Your contributions for THUG Pro and thps as a whole has been greatly appreciated..
It is a great feeling, knowing that you helped re-ignite others interest in THPS modding.
“THUG Pro is the dream project”