THUGPro: Installing and Playing Custom Levels

So you may have heard the rumors swirling ’round about a new option for THUGPro: Custom Levels. You mean Create-A-Park levels? Nope! We mean full-blown, legit custom levels. Just like Manhattan in THUG, Alcatraz in THPS4, Cruise Ship in THPS3, and such. Really? Full-blown custom levels are possible? Yes they are, and many already have been created and are ready for you to play!

OK- so how in the heck can we play these?!

Well first you have to have a full version of Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 for PC. Get that installed and running on your computer. After that you must have the THUGPro mod installed and working as well. You can find info and the download link on this here: Get THUGPro installed, configured and running properly. Once that happens you can then venture into accessing these Custom Levels.

Here are the steps:

  1. Download one of the Custom Levels of your choosing over here:
  2. Unzip the ZIP file and have the 3 downloaded files easily accessible
  3. Launch THUGPro and be sure the game is running on your computer
  4. Open up your file explorer and navigate to:
    C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\THUG Pro\data\pre
  5. Find the files you downloaded
  6. Copy the new files and replace the files in the path above
    Most of the Custom Levels replace the ‘Burnside’ level from THPS1
  7. Access THUGPro again, and then in Freeskate find the level you just replaced
  8. Enjoy and have fun with the new Custom Level!

A couple of things to note that are important:

First: if you close THUGPro and re-open it, the THUGPro launcher will detect that you have the wrong files and update back to the original level you replaced. This is good because you won’t lose the original game level, but can be annoying as you have to reload the custom level for each time you play THUGPro fresh.

The THUGPro dev team is aware of this new development within the online community and you can expect some small functionality in an update to help make this process easier before. No firm timelines have been discussed nor established, and no promises can be made whether or not this will ever become a core part of the mod.

Second: if you want to play the custom level online, ALL of the people who want to play the Custom Level- MUST have the level added to their version of THUGPro. If they don’t then you will experience issues. It is STRONGLY recommended that if you plan to host a Custom Level online, name your room whatever the name of the Custom Level is, and then password protect it. The password then can be given to those who you’d like to play the level online with to ensure you all have the level added to THUGPro.

So then, how are people making these levels? We may cover this is a future video and/or training tutorial. Please visit’s forums for info on custom level creation and join the #mapping channel on our Discord as there are multiple pinned links in there as well as people who are great at assisting in this process. Know that it is definitely not an easy task to create a custom level, and it’s not as straight-forward as making a Create-A-Park. The learning curve is steep, and one has to be willing to install and learn how to use very specific tools. We may do some tutorial videos on this in the future depending on interest.

As a final disclaimer: Please note that the custom levels uploaded to have not been created by the THUGPro development team and these levels may have lots of glitches, bugs, and other issues. People are still learning and refining how to make all of this work, so consider everything as a work-in-process. Many level creators are posting specific threads on our site forums for feedback and so forth. ALL Custom Levels should be played at your own risk, they are not supported in any way by the admins at, and anytime core code of an application such as THUGPro is messed with it can potentially cause issues. If your game crashes or breaks based on installing a custom level, it will be up to you to figure out how to restore it back to working condition. So download and install these levels at your own risk!

We hope everyone enjoys this new option for THUGPro. It has added an entire new dynamic to the game and really has made for some interesting and fun times of play! We’ll see you online. Hit us up on our Discord channel for some games… and remember: we out here.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Speedrun Marathon 2

The THPS Speedrunning Community is having their annual marathon on February 19th, 1 PM Eastern. With all the participants who have slotted in this years event, the marathon is going to last about 9 hours. You can view the stream at and listen to the selection of diverse commentators throughout the broadcast. Give @ThePackle a shout-out while you’re there for putting everything together.

Check out the schedule for all the games here: THPS Speedrun Mathaon 2 Schedule

THUG Pro Update



Improved Xbox 360 / Xbox One controller support
(The game launcher is no longer required to be ran prior to game start for the trigger split to initialize, and the button mapping through the launcher for Xbox One controllers is now recognized on Windows 10)
Bluetooth PS3 controllers under Wine on Mac and Ubuntu now supported in the game launcher
Wine support for THUG Pro & Launcher – launcher now works and game installation no longer hangs on completion
Added L1 + L2 and R1 + R2 spin setup options*
College – Removed invisible object above level (bigger airs)
Moscow – The yellow government building is now wallridable, and the snowmen have been restored
Kyoto: The Neon Signs no longer disappear online after being smashed, and more rail objects are taggable for graffiti

Fixed Spin Lag time
“Delay Dropdowns from Grinds” has been renamed to “Spin Lag for Drop Downs” and it has been fixed (was not working in the last update)
Land Pivot has been restored to be linked to manuals only
The listing of custom parks in the level select menu has been fixed

*Known Bug There is a known issue with the two new shoulder rotate options and 180 spin taps being enabled – you will spin indefinitely if pressing one of the buttons. We recommend turning off Spin Taps if you are going to use the R1 + R2 or L1+L2 spin setups.

Update THUGPro

THUGPro update will be pushed to clients soon.

Xbox and Xbox One controllers will have trigger splitting, but you will have to relaunch your launcher every time for this to work effectively. This is not a Windows 10 fix, so users on that operating system may still experience issues with their controllers.

Fixed crashing in East LA.
Fixed crashing when loading parks in net games.
Fixed crashing when quiting the game.
Fixed crashing when choosing goals for Goal Attack in some levels.
Fixed bug where the skateshop menu would randomly disappear.
Fixed various bugs related to Spin Key options.
Fixed bug where you could not do a Nose Manual after Land Pivot
Fixed missing scripts in various levels.

Halloween decorations in the skateshop.
Pumpkin Head CAS item.
Experimental Xbox 360 and Xbox One shoulder trigger split support has been implemented.
(the launcher has to be run before launching the game every time for this to take effect.)
Added option to change Natas Spin key bindings.
Added police car to East LA.
Added “Allow Script Mods” host option.
(The host in online play now has the ability to toggle a feature that disallows players to use modified scripts)

Improved visuals for Fun Park and Kyoto.
Improved anti cheat measures.

THUG Pro Launcher:
Edit Taunt Options – edit in-game taunt strings for online play
Windows 10 Light Patch – enable level light effects mostly in evening/night time of day settings
(this option is only available to Windows 10 users. If enabled, long lag may be experienced when changing to these day settings)

Temporarily disabled viewer cam.
(we are working on some new features for the viewer and it is slated to return in a future update)
Removed skating taunts.

We hope you enjoy this update and have a Happy Halloween!
-THUG Pro Team

THUG Pro Update Version

A THUGPro update has been released today with 2 new levels, a couple of imported animations, and some general fixes.

New levels:
– East LA from THAW
– Downhill from THP8
2 new animations have been imported:
– THUG1 Wallplant
– THPS4 Mistyflip
General Fixes:
– Fixed Suburbia crash
– Fixed Viewer related bugs
– Fixed Skater Island revert crash
– Improved color filter
– Restored: Skating Shortcut Taunt Controls:
– Grind, Grind, Grind = Taunt String
– Flip, Flip, Flip = Who’s Your Daddy String
– Grab, Grab, Grab = No Way String
– Grind, Grind, Cross = Come Get Some String
You can view the changelog in it’s entirety at the forum link below.