Community Uploaded Levels

  • Ricco Harbor

    by: Skater1014

    From Super Mario Sunshine. Includes some CAP objects & original skybox. (REPLACES BURNSIDE)

  • School Remix

    by: ello-officer

    Original map. Based on a school I went to. (Replaces Burnside). Last update : 06/11/17

  • Honolulu II

    by: Sattan

    original map. replaces burnside.

  • Bony Land

    by: Skater1014

    What was born as a small meme/fad in ThpsX Discord now grew up as a level. (REPLACES BURNSIDE)

  • Graffiti Den

    by: Sattan

    Original Level. Ratty tagged up warehouse. replaces burnside.

  • Trippy Land

    by: Skater1014

    My 1st original custom level. Not really the greatest thing in the world. (REPLACES BURNSIDE)

  • 3DS Piranha Plant Slide

    by: Skater1014

    From Mario Kart 8. Includes working boosters, KOTH compatible. (REPLACES BURNSIDE)

  • Pianta Village

    by: Skater1014

    From Super Mario Sunshine. Compatible with KOTH. (REPLACES BURNSIDE)

  • Radical City from Sonic R

    by: letmynutzgo

    One of my favorite levels from the infamous game Sonic R (Replaces Burnside)

  • Game Boy Advance

    by: Skater1014

    A giant Game Boy Advance. Compatible with KOTH. (REPLACES BURNSIDE)

  • Nintendo 3DS

    by: Skater1014

    A giant Nintendo 3DS with a custom skybox. Compatible with KOTH. (REPLACES BURNSIDE)

  • N64 Toad's Turnpike

    by: Skater1014

    From Mario Kart 8. Includes CAP pieces & vehicles. (REPLACES BURNSIDE)

  • Flower Park V1

    by: Sattan

    quick project for texture practice. replaces burnside.

  • Carvatron 1.1

    by: kramerica

    Remake of the SKATE3 skatepark Carvatron. Replaces Burnside

  • Luigi's Mansion (Exterior)

    by: Skater1014

    The map used in the beginning cutscene of "Luigi's Mansion", cool to explore. (REPLACES BURNSIDE)

  • Hyrule Castle

    by: EvilAsh123

    Hyrule Castle from Super Smash Bros 64. replaces burnside

  • Tetris

    by: Xelker

    Based on the Puzzle game tetris,

  • R.M.S. Titanic

    by: Skater1014

    The R.M.S. Titanic. Includes CAP pieces, peds, boosters, & a skateable iceberg. (REPLACES BURNSIDE)

  • Toxic Waste!

    by: ZKY2K

    Originally map where you can trick over toxic waste! whats not to love! (Replaces burnside)

  • Metal Gear 2 Substance Skatepark

    by: kuato

    Do you think love can bloom, even on a skatepark?

  • Station Square

    by: Skater1014

    From Sonic Adventure DX. All areas are included. (REPLACES BURNSIDE)

  • TableTop v1

    by: Xelker

    New Custom level replaces Burnside

  • Mushroom City

    by: ThAEm

    Mushroom City from Mario Kart Double Dash. Do I really need to tell you what this replaces?

  • DooM 1: Hangar

    by: ZKY2K

    Who is ready to rip and tear!? It is the iconic E1M1 but with now as a skateable enviroment! (Burnside)

  • San Andreas SkatePark

    by: Xelker

    Skate park from GTA replaces Burnside

  • The Animal Chin Ramp

    by: ZKY2K

    A recreation of the ramp from Bones Brigrade's 'The Search for Animal Chin' (Replaces Burnside)

  • Sky Islands

    by: Sattan

    floating islands connected with grinds. replaces burnside.

  • Compound

    by: ZKY2K

    An original map with things to grind on, air off, fullpipes and wallrides! (Replaces Burnside)

  • Speed Highway

    by: Skater1014

    From Sonic Adventure DX. All 3 parts are included. Not recommended for online. (REPLACES BURNSIDE)

  • The Berrics 2.0 UPDATED

    by: kramerica

    KOTH and CTF stuff added, also a secret area and a super easy way to glitch out of the level

  • Super Bell Subway

    by: Skater1014

    From Mario Kart 8 (DLC Pack 2). Screenshot is outdated, looks better now. (REPLACES BURNSIDE)

  • GameCube (Mario Kart Double Dash)

    by: ThAEm

    The GameCube from MKDD. Restarts, OOB areas, teleport, and KOTH crown spawns. REPLACES BURNSIDE.

  • Surface Tension Dam (V1.3)

    by: LudiCruz

    The first map of Surface Tension from the iconic game Half-Life. (Replaces Burnside)

  • Pallet Town

    by: Sattan

    from pokemon series. replaces burnside.

  • School 3 v1.5

    by: kramerica

    Now with shading, very rustic but better than nothing! despite the filename, it is indeed v1.5

  • Abandoned

    by: Sattan

    Original lvl. run down warehouse in the middle of a city. replaces Burnside.

  • N64 Yoshi Valley

    by: Skater1014

    From Mario Kart 8. Also has natas nodes. Boosters now work. (REPLACES BURNSIDE)

  • Big Donut

    by: Dust Gaming

    It's a battle level from Mario Kart 64 (Replaces Burnside) Recently Added: -Vert Ramp -KOTH is now playable

  • Hoffman Factory

    by: Sarge

    Fully playable recreation from the THPS2 N64 version (Replaces Burnside)

  • Madtown Skatepark - Rocket Power

    by: tyler

    This is my first conversion/map. I hope you enjoy it!

  • My Ugly Ass House

    by: Sattan

    my first map. VERY CRAPPY i was only 2 days in on blender at this point. replaces burnside.

  • Sk8-Maze-Ing

    by: sk8ace

    Version 1.1 It's got a maze and some buildings to play on/in. Enjoy! (Replaces Burnside)

  • Delfino Plaza

    by: Skater1014

    From Super Mario Sunshine. Corona Mountain & boss room are included. (REPLACES BURNSIDE)

  • Dust 2 (V3)

    by: LudiCruz

    The famous defuse map from Counter Strike. (Replaces Burnside)

  • Kokiri Forest

    by: Ceryx

    Import of the Kokiri Forest from Ocarina of Time [REPLACES BURNSIDE]

  • Peaches Castle Exterior

    by: Ceryx

    Full limits to outside of peaches castle. [REPLACES BURNSIDE]

  • Krusty Krab

    by: Sattan

    Krusty Krab Gmod Port.

  • Funky Stadium

    by: Skater1014

    From Mario Kart Wii. Also includes functional boosters. (REPLACES BURNSIDE)

  • Princess's Secret Slide

    by: TomoAlien

    Includes a rewind teleport at the end. Just skate into the wall! Replaces Burnside.

  • Lethal Lava Land (V2.1)

    by: TomoAlien

    Thanks to GoFundUrself for the custom sky texture! Replaces Burnside

  • Bob-Omb Battlefield (V2)

    by: TomoAlien

    Includes the teleports on the cliffside! It's also set up for graffiti. Replaces Burnside.

  • Pinna Park

    by: Skater1014

    From Super Mario Sunshine. Includes both the park & beach. (REPLACES BURNSIDE)

  • Skyrim's Whiterun

    by: splinks

    Nothing is currently Grindable. This was made for testing purposes and goofing around only