Community Uploaded Levels

  • The Berrics

    by: kramerica

    v1.0. A remake of the real life park The Berrics. Slightly based off of the THPS5 remake of the park

  • Big Donut

    by: Dust Gaming

    It\'s a battle level from Mario Kart 64 (Replaces Burnside)

  • Hoffman Factory

    by: Sarge

    Fully playable recreation from the THPS2 N64 version (Replaces Burnside)

  • Madtown Skatepark - Rocket Power

    by: tyler

    This is my first conversion/map. I hope you enjoy it!

  • My Ugly Ass House

    by: Sattan

    first original map. very rudimentary. replaces burnside.

  • Station Square (Main Area)

    by: Skater1014

    From Sonic Adventure DX. It has rails, natas nodes, & is compatible with KOTH. (REPLACES BURNSIDE)

  • Sk8-Maze-Ing

    by: sk8ace

    Version 1.1 It's got a maze and some buildings to play on/in. Enjoy! (Replaces Burnside)

  • Delfino Plaza

    by: Skater1014

    From Super Mario Sunshine. It has rails, natas nodes & OOB areas. (REPLACES BURNSIDE)

  • Dust 2 (V2)

    by: LudiCruz

    The famous defuse map from Counter Strike. (Replaces Burnside)

  • Kokiri Forest

    by: Ceryx

    Import of the Kokiri Forest from Ocarina of Time [REPLACES BURNSIDE]

  • Peaches Castle Exterior

    by: Ceryx

    Full limits to outside of peaches castle. [REPLACES BURNSIDE]

  • Krusty Krab

    by: Sattan

    Krusty Krab Gmod Port.

  • Funky Stadium

    by: Skater1014

    From Mario Kart Wii. It has rails, natas nodes, OOB areas, loops, & animated textures. (REPLACES BURNSIDE)

  • Princess's Secret Slide

    by: TomoAlien

    Includes a rewind teleport at the end. Just skate into the wall! Replaces Burnside.

  • Lethal Lava Land

    by: TomoAlien

    Thanks to GoFundUrself for the custom sky texture! Might crash on lowend machines! Replaces Burnside

  • Bob-Omb Battlefield (V2)

    by: TomoAlien

    Includes the teleports on the cliffside! It's also set up for graffiti. Replaces Burnside.

  • Pinna Park

    by: Skater1014

    From Super Mario Sunshine. Very buggy, might be improved in the future. (REPLACES BURNSIDE)

  • Skyrim's Whiterun

    by: splinks

    Nothing is currently Grindable. This was made for testing purposes and goofing around only