Update THUGPro

THUGPro update will be pushed to clients soon.

Xbox and Xbox One controllers will have trigger splitting, but you will have to relaunch your launcher every time for this to work effectively. This is not a Windows 10 fix, so users on that operating system may still experience issues with their controllers.

Fixed crashing in East LA.
Fixed crashing when loading parks in net games.
Fixed crashing when quiting the game.
Fixed crashing when choosing goals for Goal Attack in some levels.
Fixed bug where the skateshop menu would randomly disappear.
Fixed various bugs related to Spin Key options.
Fixed bug where you could not do a Nose Manual after Land Pivot
Fixed missing scripts in various levels.

Halloween decorations in the skateshop.
Pumpkin Head CAS item.
Experimental Xbox 360 and Xbox One shoulder trigger split support has been implemented.
(the launcher has to be run before launching the game every time for this to take effect.)
Added option to change Natas Spin key bindings.
Added police car to East LA.
Added “Allow Script Mods” host option.
(The host in online play now has the ability to toggle a feature that disallows players to use modified scripts)

Improved visuals for Fun Park and Kyoto.
Improved anti cheat measures.

THUG Pro Launcher:
Edit Taunt Options – edit in-game taunt strings for online play
Windows 10 Light Patch – enable level light effects mostly in evening/night time of day settings
(this option is only available to Windows 10 users. If enabled, long lag may be experienced when changing to these day settings)

Temporarily disabled viewer cam.
(we are working on some new features for the viewer and it is slated to return in a future update)
Removed skating taunts.

We hope you enjoy this update and have a Happy Halloween!
-THUG Pro Team