THUGPro Update Dec. 13th

From Quazz: ” A new THUGPro update will arrive on December 13th and will contain the following Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 levels:
Skater Island
Cruise Ship
Oil Rig
The vehicles in Rio and the Ice Cream Truck can be Car Planted by jumping on top of them while skating. In addition to the levels, there’s a few more things. We changed the braking system once again. Holding the OLLIE button (X) while holding REVERT (R2) will make the skater use the breaking system from THUG2. A crash from waiting to join games has been fixed. The particles from fireball trails are now oriented correctly. A Wallplant bug was corrected. The menu sounds were changed to some different ones.”

This is going to be a great update! THPS3 Levels Here We Go!!