THUGPro Update

The latest update for THUGPro has been released! Huge thanks to the entire development team for their continued hard work on this amazing mod. Visit the THUGPro Website.


  • Fixed rail stall observer bug.
  • Fixed natas spin sound loop bug, when entering observe mode.
  • Fixed stall button menu text updating issues.
  • Fixed OpenSpy connection error dialog / menu overlap bug.
  • Fixed incorrect level preview image for THPS2 Philly.
  • Fixed issue where the edit theme preveiw sprites would linger on screen if you entered the theme options menu right before a game was starting or ending.
  • Fixed Window 10 startup crash.
  • Fixed a few helper text elements.
  • Fixed billboard materials in the Park Editor.
  • Fixed issue where the wrong message would be shown when failing to join to a server.
  • Fixed Neuro Plant getup animation bug.
  • Fixed Warehouse window light rays.
  • Fixed Enviroment Map material bug.


  • Reordered control / physics menus.
  • Added orange to the font color options.
  • Combined base score and multiplied score into a single menu item. (off, normal, multiplied).
  • Added Boned Ollie.
  • Added THUG1 Vert BHRA.
  • Added Off Rail Wallplant.
  • Wallie Plant now uses the THUG1 trigger. (Up + Up + Jump).
  • Wallride Plant now uses the TapTwiceRelease trigger. (Left + Left + Jump) and (Right + Right + Jump).
  • Boostplant limit has been removed, since the new trigger requires faster input to execute.
  • Air Shuffle now decreases jump height instead of input window.
  • Added option to change Revert button controls.
  • Added option to disable focus mode.
  • Made Tokyo jets collideable.
  • Added a quick menu option to reload custom levels in freeskate, useful for testing level exports.
  • Added new level ‘The Mall’ from THPS1. (THAW classic version).
  • Added support for levels that go beyond the regular ‘position broadcast limit’.
    Use FLAG_IS_BIG_LEVEL in your custom level manifest to extend the horizontal limits.
    Use FLAG_IS_TALL_LEVEL in your custom level manifest to extend the vertical limits.
    NOTE: This will reduce the skater position accuracy, so only use it if you really have to!
  • Restored Face Mapping CAS options.
  • Added THP8 level select tab.
  • Added new tab title sprites for Create-A-Park and imported levels.
  • Level select tabs are now sorted in chronological order.
  • Added ‘Hang Ten Manual’.
  • Various collison object changes in Suburbia.
  • Updated falling animations when jumping out of bounds in the following levels; Cruise Ship, Oil Rig and Alcatraz.
  • Improved Dropdown detection code. Should be more predictable now.
  • Added more Dropdown button options.
    You can use a two button setup or one button setup. With any of the triggers.
    If you use a two button setup, the left and right triggers will decide which side to drop in to. Although it can be overridden with directional input.
    NOTE: Previous Dropdown button settings have been reset!
  • Password strings are now obfuscated in the host options menu.
  • Added game server status icons in the lobby menu:
    Server has a password.
    Game in progress.


  • Now using .NET framework version 4.6
  • Added Face Mapping controls.
  • Fixed a bug where the Visual C++ 2013 x86 Redistributable Package check wasn’t being reached.
  • Fixed an issue where the main form retained focus when accessing change log viewer and taunt options.
  • Removed the dependency on Managed DirectX this also removes the dependency on .NET 2.0.
  • Changed hard-coded paths to build themselves using Path.DirectorySeparatorChar for better support on Linux and Mac.
  • Changed hard-coded file names to match the downloaded file case for better support on Linux and Mac.
  • Removed the check for Managed DirectX and the dependency on DllImport of fusion.dll and GAC imported structures.
  • Added in support for a device information dump.
    Place the launcher in debug mode by pressing ctrl + alt + D from the game pad binding tab,
    select device none, then select the device you want information on.
    A file will be created named DeviceInfo.log in the THUGPro directory.

Content manager:

  • Now using .NET framework version 4.6
  • Fixed hardcoded paths to fix potential compatibility issues.
  • Packaged dependencies.


  • Added support for backing up files if uninstalling.
  • Added support for uninstalling THUG Pro.
  • New shortcut creation method and removed the need for IWshRuntimeLibrary.dll
  • Now using .NET framework version 4.6
  • Removed CombinePaths extension method, .NET 4.6 already has a Path.Combine overloaded method for combining an array of names.
  • Removed email support messages.
  • Removed the check for Managed DirectX and the dependency on DllImport of fusion.dll and GAC imported structures.
  • Updated THUG Pro logo.

    Backup data includes Saves, Faces, User directory, registry.If any backup option is selected but the content is empty it will not be backed up.
    You can perform a full uninstall, too, which will delete the backup data.Control flow of the application has changed to ask fewer questions e.g.
    import saves / create shortcuts / restore backup data.

    If backup data exists you’ll have an option to restore during install or
    repair. The control for restore happens after installation and will
    supply more options for allowing the user to select what gets restored.
    These options are based on what content exists in the backup directory.