THUG Pro Update Version

A THUGPro update has been released today with 2 new levels, a couple of imported animations, and some general fixes.

New levels:
– East LA from THAW
– Downhill from THP8
2 new animations have been imported:
– THUG1 Wallplant
– THPS4 Mistyflip
General Fixes:
– Fixed Suburbia crash
– Fixed Viewer related bugs
– Fixed Skater Island revert crash
– Improved color filter
– Restored: Skating Shortcut Taunt Controls:
– Grind, Grind, Grind = Taunt String
– Flip, Flip, Flip = Who’s Your Daddy String
– Grab, Grab, Grab = No Way String
– Grind, Grind, Cross = Come Get Some String
You can view the changelog in it’s entirety at the forum link below.