Episode #45: Shame

Shame started playing the series during THPS3, but he didn’t start playing online until THUG1 in 2005. He calls himself a “Midwest 1 noob” during that time and stayed there for a good while. He would eventually start playing and enjoying improv. He was part of the PrO clan in late 2006. He took a long break from the series from 2008-2011. He enjoyed playing in a very small but active PS2 community in 2011-12. After taking another extended hiatus he would start playing once again in 2017, he joined the iA clan and then most recently became a part of the tLT clan. He is part of the great tLT2020 video and has a doubles video with Dragon. He is also known for housing multiple THPS players in real life at his various apartments in the Chicago area.