Episode #44: Green

Green started playing THPS on THPS4 in 2005. Back then he was best known for being the leader of kS, and co-leader of iSL following the kS and jT0 merger. kS released two well-received transfer videos, and iSL produced one as well. He took 1st place during the SoS3 improv tournament on both THPS4 and THUG1. He continued to stay pretty active in the community participating in the Get There challenges, tallying a total of 15 GT wins on thlive.net.

He took a long hiatus and returned to the scene on THUGPro. Since then he has joined the tLT clan, he won the Baltimore improv tournament, and has produced and been involved with multiple video projects including: a few improv videos, No Manual videos, and most recently was in tLTV 2020. He earned the top seed in the preliminary round of the i5 Improv Tournament.