Episode #41: Chris Rausch

Chris Rausch worked for Neversoft as a Game Designer for Pro Skater 1 through Underground 1. Many will recognize him by one of his nicknames: Team Chicken: think: TC’s Roof Gap in School 2. Chris is currently the Creative Director for Nicalis, and previous co-founder of Supervillain Studios. He is a longstanding vet of the games industry, starting as a teenager with Virgin Interactive and 21holding his first lead design role at the age of 19. He played a massive role in the work that brought the Tony Hawk franchise to life with Neversoft. Chris has seen the entire scope of the games industry from high successes of massive triple-a games, to the rough and trying times of a scrappy start-up. Chris also was involved with and interviewed for the Pretending I’m A Superman THPS documentary.