Episode #38: prevzzy

prevzzy is one of today’s top players achieving amazing high scores. He started this journey of being a top scorer in THAW around 2007, although it wasn’t until 2018 when he played THUG PRO where he really became active and came to life. Since then he has achieved over a billion point combos on 29 different maps and 2 billion point combos on 9 of these. He’s played a huge role in discovering various THUG2 engine mechanics that eventually lead to high scoring elevating to a level never seen before. He is the creator of in depth balance analysis videos, but he is the best known for his complex and creative lines that allowed him to get scores like 491 million on Practice, 1052 million on New Orleans with no balance meters or 2358 million on Pro Skater. He was the winner of OaS high scoring tournament, tHL graffiti tournament and most recently – andyTHPS’ graffiti tournament. He has recently joined the SiN clan along with other top tier high scoring players who are now seeking to dominate THPS1+2 leader-boards.