Episode #34: Thugg

Thugg is credited as being the first to discover three techs used in modern gameplay: finding BHRA and Air Buttslap(ABS) as well as THOP’s(thugghops). He further had an influence in the findings of regular hops as well, most of this was all during the “dark ages” of the THPS franchise from 2010-2012. He is always looking to find even more new techniques. Most recently he participated in the Baltimore improv competition and took 2nd place. He has been a member of the PHUN clan since its birth in 2009. His THPS career started on THUG1 in 2004 on PS2 and he has always been interested in all playstyles such as provs, transfers, koth, ctf, whoring and tagging. He has further been in 8 team transfer videos with the Phun clan.