Episode #32: Maxfli

Maxfli is a very well-known player of the series, whose history stretches back to the days of THPS4 online. He has just recently returned to the community this February after a very long hiatus, yet his name was already known by many who have never met him. He was ahead of his time in 2003 to record candid gameplay from THPS4 days, which includes classic THPS4 whore lines, improv, as well as gameplay from other THPS legends. He is also known for his double videos with Brazbox, as well as his recent graffiti tag video in Carnival. Likewise, he intends on producing more graffiti tag videos in the near future.

Maxfli was part of the elite aSS clan on THPS4 in 2003, and he has just recently rejoined the team this past month upon its revival. This was a fitting decision for him, as the aSS clan represents the style of gameplay Maxfli has always pursued. Recently, we have also seen Maxfli transition from THPS’ biggest posing victim, to the victim of Evil Nacho in the Nachomania series.