Community Uploaded Skaters

  • Amy

    by: Amyrakunejo

    My personal skater. Yes, I'm a girl in real life, though this is more a reflection of my anger...

  • Penis Person

    by: Billybob

    I Fucked Around with the scale and this happened

  • Emi (Dance Dance Revolution)

    by: baliebox4916

    Emi From DDR as a Skater (Inspired by emi's design from 3rd and 5th mix)

  • Rage (Dance Dance Revolution)

    by: baliebox4916

    Rage from DDR 4th Mix as a Skater

  • Quote

    by: baliebox4916

    The Soldier From the Surface from Cave Story

  • Curly Brace

    by: baliebox4916

    Curly Brace From Cave Story! (◕‿◕✿)

  • Raven

    by: skatefilter5

    She's from Teen Titans

  • Starfire

    by: skatefilter5

    She one of the Teen Titans

  • HD Griptape board with no skater

    by: TheAussassin

    Just the board

  • password123

    by: password123

    just my cas

  • vixen

    by: g

    lucy flo cas

  • Mr Diddlez

    by: TheAussassin

    Google him

  • Eddie the Head

    by: coopdaddy

    The mascot of the band "Iron Maiden." I tried creating him the best I could.

  • Bruce Lee

    by: coopdaddy

    pretty much explains everything

  • Exo-Elder

    by: coopdaddy

    Old af white guy restored in the body of a robot, complete with robo-syphilis and gramophones

  • Zombiskater

    by: coopdaddy

    Back from the dead, it's the punkest zombie skateboarder you've ever seen.

  • Mr. Roboto

    by: coopdaddy

    Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto.

  • Duke Nukem

    by: coopdaddy

    Hail to the king, baby.

  • Joseph

    by: Vex


  • Strong Bad

    by: IMCR8Z

    It's everybody's favorite wrestleman from!

  • a e s t h e t i c

    by: spoyke

    my create a skater some big boy wanted me to upload

  • Johnson (Prov)

    by: skatefilter5

    I made him for prov.

  • Sash Lilac the Water Human

    by: Ass-Cakes

    The dragon girl from Freedom Planet and now she's a human

  • Bobby Jackson in New Style

    by: skatefilter5

    Bobby, is a use of prov and he on custom trick that boost you up to higher buttslaps

  • The Mask (Purple Suit)

    by: loldiers

    The Mask from the 1994 movie of same name, after first transformation.

  • The Mask (Yellow Suit)

    by: loldiers

    The Mask from the 1994 movie of same name, after second transformation.

  • Jimmy Lewis

    by: skatefilter5

    Jimmy is a baseball fan, he played sports and he

  • Bobby Jackson

    by: skatefilter5

    Bobby is the BMXer, he's the one of the peds from San Andreas

  • Jack Johnson

    by: skatefilter5

    Jack was mostly peaceful and quieter also he

  • Quario

    by: Skater1014

    A character that Vinesauce Joel drew in one of his Mario Paint streams. Has horrible stats.

  • Psycho Mantis

    by: dr.penguin

    hes psycho mantis idk what else to add

  • Lime Green Space Monkey

    by: Skater1014

    Done by QB editing. Includes some special tricks.

  • Ratty Workout

    by: skatefilter5

    Ratty works out, and one of my old skaters so far.

  • Hipster Guy

    by: skatefilter5

    He's hipster looking skater.

  • Denise Robinson

    by: skatefilter5

    One of Carl Johnson's girlfriends, she's the gangster and she's from GTA San Andreas.

  • Agent Denise

    by: skatefilter5

    She's an agent girl looks like Faith Conners to me.

  • Hami Du

    by: skatefilter5

    This chinese guy is hipster, and also Garvy Du's cousin Hami Du, he normally lives in Kyoto.

  • Hipster Morten Punk

    by: skatefilter5

    He's hipster looking punk.

  • Pro Skater Girl Gangster

    by: skatefilter5

    See's much as a gangster but do pogo sitck. She have a backpack on her back.

  • Kaite Kitty

    by: skatefilter5

    She's pink and she have a bag on her, she's cute.

  • Girl Tagger

    by: skatefilter5

    She tags graffiti and she is the graffiti-er.

  • Neo

    by: BmoFailure

    Neo from "The Matrix"

  • Catz

    by: Catz_

    Skate as the almighty motherfucker himself. (requires sweet tooth head)

  • Mixed Guy

    by: skatefilter5

    Guy with leather pants

  • Gother

    by: skatefilter5

    Gother is He-She Guy

  • Man-Girl

    by: skatefilter5

    I show-off these people when I play online with overlapped female clothes.

  • Punken

    by: skatefilter5

    One punk skater.

  • The Exploited Skull

    by: RhCp67

    Have you ever wanted to skate as the Exploited skull but to lazy to create him ? Here you go !

  • Hareld

    by: skatefilter5

    One cool skater.

  • Lisa

    by: skatefilter5

    Another whore girl.

  • Phil Whore

    by: skatefilter5

    Prov and whore

  • Jhonny Trubon

    by: Ass-Cakes


  • Len

    by: skatefilter5

    The greatest whore of all time

  • John

    by: skatefilter5

    I guess he's the best skater.

  • Jacob

    by: skatefilter5

    There's no 2.

  • The guy who like's to Whore

    by: skatefilter5

    Always get 100 million combo

  • Mario

    by: skatefilter5

    Mario is made for prov

  • Luigi

    by: skatefilter5

    I made him prov skater but has trick sets are set for you.

  • cas 4 the park

    by: snrub

    dank cas m8

  • Mario

    by: splinks


  • My First Uploaded Cas

    by: Welpp

    its a cas that i made it kinda improve but you can also edit the trickset i think it is just bad.

  • Mars Explorator

    by: SK8.William

    Character to mix with the level "Mars Entertainment Center".

  • Raven

    by: skatefilter5

    She's from Teen Titans

  • Nicky Williams

    by: skatefilter5

    Well it says it all

  • Mr. Brock

    by: skatefilter5

    His is a whorer I use this skater to become a whorer.

  • Claude Speed

    by: skatefilter5

    From GTAIII

  • Catalina

    by: skatefilter5

    From GTAIII

  • Madd Dogg

    by: skatefilter5

    From San Andreas

  • Ryder

    by: skatefilter5

    From San Andreas

  • Sweet

    by: skatefilter5

    From San Andreas

  • Samus from Metroid

    by: TcBlaze

    The character Samus from the game Metroid in the Power Suit

  • Big Smoke

    by: skatefilter5

    I recreated Big Smoke, Big Smoke really have old tricks up in his sleve.

  • Carl Johnson (CJ)

    by: skatefilter5

    I remade him but he's on of the grove street families, what could CJ do for a better life.

  • Tito Dick Dickman

    by: Ass-Cakes

    He is from a Filipino adult animated sitcom called The Nutshack, raise Phil, loves the ladies, and Now he can skate

  • Wheelchair Guy

    by: SK8.William

    Wheelchair Guy from Happy Wheels.At least when his clothes weren't ripped.

  • Johnny Test

    by: ThAEm

    *whip crack*

  • Gangster Den

    by: skatefilter5

    Since all the rest of the gangs gone dead Gangster is the only one that whores out.

  • Eddie

    by: skatefilter5

    The great skater, with different skateboard if I say it, yeah.

  • Agelion

    by: skatefilter5

    He's the pro!

  • Tom Strong

    by: skatefilter5

    He is the strongest skater, but he also have tattoes too.

  • sooveritelec

    by: pop

    remake of elec's cas in his sooverit video.

  • Radicals Board

    by: BlazE

    Hidden Radicals deck graphic. Will be removed in future updates

  • Zure Board

    by: BlazE

    Hidden Zure deck graphic. Will be removed in future updates

  • Muhkrew Board

    by: BlazE

    Hidden Muhkrew deck graphic. Will be removed in future updates

  • Rayman

    by: SexCurry Beats

    Blaze said he'd hook me up

  • Purple Dude

    by: chase

    my cas was requested

  • Samus Aran (Orange)

    by: @246_tritone

    Based on the orange bikini alt for Zero Suit Samus in SSB4. Uses the THUG PRO Samus hair piece.

  • Samus Aran (Blue)

    by: @246_tritone

    Based on the blue bikini skin alt for Zero Suit Samus in SSB4. Uses the THUG PRO Samus hair piece.

  • Siivagunner

    by: ASS-CAKES aka: Sash_Lilac

    Skate as the best high quality video game ripper on youtube

  • PLOV

    by: PLOV

    It should be headless i guess

  • idontknow

    by: Win.aa

    i don't know...

  • Sam

    by: Nirvanafan.aa

    Sam is the skater i use for everything prov,ctf,graf now it is time to share it

  • Ash Pedreiro (REUPLOAD)

    by: Skater1014

    The Pokémon trainer that loves when his Metapod uses "Harden". "Ay Gurl" (This is a reupload since all of my uploaded CAS's temporarily went down. This should be the same as the original upload as far as I know.)

  • 4 Q-Levy

    by: Dlove4u2

    a cas

  • Sash Lilac

    by: Sash_Lilac-TiZ

    The dragon girl from Freedom Planet and the new upcoming Freedom planet 2

  • Skatopia Cat

    by: Technach

    A cat that sp00ks you with human animations

  • Jimmy Hopkins

    by: LudiCruz

    "I only give people what they have coming to them." - Jimmy Hopkins

  • monthoodie

    by: popeye

    t1 scales

  • PLOV

    by: PLOV

    real one (below one is misclicked) :D


    by: Giivasunner

    The grandest of joel memes, He brings the highest quality game tricks.

  • Blue Tagger

    by: SK8.William

    Same thing as the graffiti tagger you meet in Berlin,but he's one of his rivals.The only difference is the blue hoody.Enjoy.

  • Nigel

    by: SK8.William

    Nigel Beaverhausen.I know he's already in the game,and can be acessed by the Character Select menu...but...well,spin him 180° in the CAS Editor and you'll see.

  • Goat w/ Spraycan Board

    by: BlazE

    Blank skater with goat & spraycan board. Enjoy.

  • plov

    by: plov

    alah babah

  • popeye

    by: popeye

    Not styled as Popeye the Sailor Man unfortunately.

  • Mime

    by: BlazE

    Mime ped with crazy scales.

  • Garvy Du (Nutz' Rendition)

    by: letmynutzgo

    Garvy Du as done by me (<3 SF5)

  • Paulie

    by: BlazE

    Paulie ped with wheelchair board. Made by BlazE

  • plov

    by: plov

    plov :D

  • MC Hammer

    by: SK8.William

    U can't touch this CAS.I know this cas might be a little old,but just touch the button that says Download.

  • Johnny Bravo

    by: letmynutzgo

    The titular character of the show Johnny Bravo

  • Cave Bam

    by: letmynutzgo

    Very beefy Bam, Much like stone age man, Buff lift rocks. :p

  • Luigi

    by: letmynutzgo

    This is Luigi, He good scatur, he jump high and reach star, he ride goofy as he goofyer than mario, much realstic one on hear. :p

  • Devon Josph

    by: Zure

    This is Devon Josph a.k.a. DJ from Total Drama Island.

  • scatboarder

    by: letmynutzgo

    This is scatboarder, my first CAS and i think it's pretty good, so please no flaming ty.

  • Vegeta

    by: letmynutzgo

    Play as the Prince of all Saiyans

  • Space Guy

    by: letmynutzgo

    A generic space marine, it could be Master Chief, it could be Doom Guy

  • Human Spider

    by: letmynutzgo

    Wrestler Spider-Man from the 2002 movie. Complete with Tobey Maguire facemap

  • Hulk Hogan

    by: letmynutzgo

    Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you?

  • Dat Boi

    by: letmynutzgo

    Here come Dat Boi!!

  • CAS with my deck

    by: Zure

    Since the devs removed the ability to unlock my deck from 2014, I uploaded a CAS with it, I had to upload twice.

  • Frisk

    by: LudiCruz

    Frisk from Undertale. I'm hoping I don't get death threats from the diehard fans for making him/her too thin. :/

  • Guy Fieri

    by: Zure

    Hi, I'm Guy Fieri and we're rollin' out, Lookin' for America's greatest Diners, Drive-ins, And Dives!

  • Duncan from TDI

    by: Zure

    This is Duncan from Total Drama Island, Not to be confused with the Duncans from Skatefilter.

  • Wario

    by: Skater1014

    This is a Wario CAS that I made with proper scaling & facemapping. He has his normal hat & gloves with his Warioware vest. Also, the Koopaling deck graphic shown in my screenshot was a custom image so I had to replace it with the THUGPRO logo.

  • Duck

    by: Dlove4u2

    Duck (community vers

  • Orange Captain

    by: SK8.William

    Another CAS of mine.This one is alternate,and was made out of boredom,and kinda looked good,so i kept it.Press the button on the right.

  • Mark Sullivan

    by: SK8.William

    That's my skater.I don't know why anyone would like to skate as him,but anyway,here is it.

  • Vitinho Sou F***

    by: SK8.William

    This is a Brazillian Funk singer of Brazil.You obviously don't wanna skate as him,neither do i.

  • Angry Video Game Nerd

    by: GameMaster3000

    The AVGN has come to take you back to the past in his hoverboard.

  • Lena Oxton/Tracer

    by: Nice Meme

    Cheers, love! The Calvary's here! Play as Tracer from Overwatch with very limited customization items from THUG 2!

  • THPS3 Default CAS

    by: Zure

    This is the default CAS from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

  • THPS4 Default CAS

    by: Zure

    This is the default CAS from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4

  • Groot

    by: Zure

    This is Groot from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. He can only say "I am Groot."

  • Billy Mays

    by: Zure

    "Hi Billy Mays Here with my THUGpro CAS. Now you can skate as me. Billy Mays."

  • idfk dl n find out

    by: prov cas! from quikng

    prov on these noobz<3

  • Rose Tyler

    by: Zure

    This is Rose Tyler, One of the Doctor's companions.

  • 9th Doctor

    by: Zure

    This is the 9th Doctor from Doctor Who, Played by Christopher Eckleston.

  • Moon Man

    by: Soaring Wings

    Moon Man Moon Man can't you see?

  • 10th Doctor

    by: Zure

    This is the 10th Doctor played by David Tennant from Doctor Who

  • Mirths

    by: Mirths

    N/A NONE

  • byxor_oldman

    by: byxor

    Old guy with nice tricks.

  • Jessie James

    by: Xelker

    Jessie James Ped model, Thank you to Skater1014 for finding out how to do this.

  • SkateBot

    by: Xelker

    Skatebot ped model thanks to Skater1014 for finding out how to do this.

  • John Cena

    by: letmynutzgo

    My best attempt at the one, the only JOHN CENA

  • Octodad

    by: Skater1014

    My attempt at making an Octodad CAS.

  • Big Head

    by: ShutMeUp4000

    A bit of something to let you know, using this CAS on KOTH will make the crown HUGE, so, don't get out of bounds being the king or the crown will be literally as big as a building. Have fun! THUG2 Compatible

  • The Devil

    by: Skater1014

    The Devil from the Proskater level. (THUG2 & THUGPRO Compatible)

  • Imp

    by: Skater1014

    An Imp from the Proskater level. (THUG2 & THUGPRO Compatible)

  • Skaboto

    by: Skater1014

    Skaboto from the Skatopia level. (THUG2 & THUGPRO Compatible)

  • Nothing

    by: Skater1014

    Yes, this is an actual model and not something scaled down to 0. (THUG2 & THUGPRO Compatible)

  • 2 Skulls

    by: Skater1014

    Just 2 skulls on the floor. (THUG2 & THUGPRO Compatible)

  • Boston Rollerblader

    by: Skater1014

    The rollerblader found in Boston. (THUG2 & THUGPRO Compatible)

  • Boston Drummer Ped

    by: Skater1014

    The drummer found in Boston. (THUG2 & THUGPRO Compatible)

  • Boxer Ped

    by: Skater1014

    This ped is found in the THUG2 version of Philly. (THUG2 & THUGPRO Compatible)

  • THUG2 Construction Worker Ped

    by: Skater1014

    (THUG2 & THUGPRO Compatible)

  • Bigfoot (Graffiti Version)

    by: Skater1014

    This is a graffiti-like version of the THUG2 Bigfoot model. (THUG2 & THUGPRO Compatible)

  • The Goat

    by: Skater1014

    The goat that we all know & love that appears in almost every Tony Hawk game. (THUG2 & THUGPRO Compatible)

  • THUG1 Johnny Turbo

    by: Skater1014

    That's right! Johnny Turbo's ped model still exsists in THUG2! (THUG2 & THUGPRO Compatible)

  • My THUG2 Skater

    by: Boomtime

    My old skater from THUG2

  • Amy the Human

    by: TomoAlien

    Pretty in pink, and pretty in-your-face.

  • Knuckles the Human

    by: TomoAlien

    Unlike Sonic, he doesn't chuckle.

  • Tails the Human

    by: TomoAlien

    As fly as one can get.

  • Sonic the Human

    by: TomoAlien

    Gotta go Fast!

  • Sly Cooper

    by: ShutMeUp4000

    I tried to do Sly Cooper as requested, emphasis on TRIED. THUG2 compatible!

  • Dr. Neo Cortex

    by: EpicDaMan

    Dr. Neo Cortex from the Crash Bandicoot series (THUGPro)

  • Samus Aran

    by: DrexTerYelen420

    Samus Aran from Planet Zebes is comes to THUGPro (With Face Mapped)

  • Sans

    by: ShutMeUp4000

    Well, you can't upload papyrus without uploading sans! Vanilla THUG2 compatible as well.

  • Papyrus

    by: ShutMeUp4000

    So, i downloaded a papyrus CAS before, but it looks like there was no effort in there, so i decided to make my own! This one is THUG2 compatible, since for some reason, THUGPro saves aren't compatible with THUG2 vanilla.

  • Eddie From SSX

    by: Crugarz

    Just know Crugarz is the one who owns and skates this snowboarding god.

  • Zombie THUG Pro 2016!!!

    by: SomeOld_Junkies

    He's a zombie that's no longer exist anymore, thank you!

  • SkaterSaints

    by: Saints Row Mods

    SkaterSaints is a modder for Saints Row Mods that he create an amwsome sandbox+ but he's seems to dead since they cut him off but you can play as him you, enjoy!

  • THUG Pro 2016!!!

    by: SomeOld_Junkies

    I find this skater that cut-off youtube so you can play as him but likely dead at the moment. Thank you!

  • Josh-AUS

    by: Josh-AUS

    My skater from thug 1 days now on thugpro

  • Stripper

    by: Saints Row: The Third

    One of the stripper from SR:TT

  • Mindy

    by: LightningSam

    Mindy from THAW.

  • Zackary

    by: LightningSam

    My player character in THAW's story mode.

  • Hank Hill

    by: Skater1014

    Here's Hank Hill from the show "King of the Hill".

  • Kyle

    by: Boomtime

    From Skater Pack Vol.1

  • Saundra

    by: Boomtime

    From Skater pack Vol.1

  • Mascot Guy

    by: Boomtime

    From the Skater Pack Vol.1

  • Avatar

    by: Boomtime

    From the Skater Pack Vol.1

  • robo cop

    by: krazeh

    i tried lol

  • Adam Sandler

    by: Nice Meme

    Skate as funny man, Adam Sandler. Well known for his smashing hit, Grown Ups.

  • Blue Space Monkey

    by: Skater1014

    This is the blue Space Monkey from THUG2.

  • Pink Space Monkey

    by: Skater1014

    This is the pink Space Monkey from THUG2.

  • Green Space Monkey

    by: Skater1014

    This is the green Space Monkey from THUG2.

  • Jotaro Kujo

    by: Jahn69

    Yare Yare Daze...

  • Papyrus

    by: Not Tobby Fox

    Papyrus the skeleton (in his "cool dude" outfit) From Undertale

  • (better) sans

    by: Not tobby fox

    Sans the skeleton From Undertale.

  • Street Punk

    by: SK8.William

    A street punk.

  • Kid Skater

    by: SK8.William

    This little kid was born in Seattle,and in his way to school,he got lost.To live,he needs to skate to the public.

  • Secret Agent

    by: SK8.William

    A secret organization named USPP,which probably means United States' Patrimony Protectors,have the strangest spying methods ever! You can discover that by playing as this Secret Agent,hometown unknown.

  • afobam ortopeda

    by: sielu


  • Santa Claus

    by: Nelson/ae86

    Its santa its not the best condition but meh

  • PloV

    by: PLoV


  • THUG Dude Preset 1

    by: THUG Pro

    Default Guy from THUG

  • Pinnky

    by: Pinky Ps

  • Rayman

    by: Pinky Ps

    From Rayman the videogame

  • Skull Dude

    by: Pinky Ps

  • Kiki Man

    by: Pinky Ps

  • The Mask

    by: Pinky Ps

    The Mask Movie

  • Mr. Game & Watch

    by: ThAEm

    He's flat.

  • Suika Ibuki

    by: squarewaveSpades

    Suika Ibuki from Touhou Project, a Japanese Shoot-Em-Up by ZUN.

  • Bob Ross

    by: HooL

    Skate as the great late Bob Ross. Art skills not required.


    by: LUC


  • Beat (JSR)

    by: 8bit_Aussie

    The main character from Jet Set Radio

  • Biker

    by: Anntire

    A boss enemy and a playable character from the game Hotline Miami

  • Quiet

    by: Anntire

    From MGS5

  • Big Boss/Snake

    by: Anntire

    As he appears in MGS5

  • Marty Mc Fly

    by: LUC

    Its just Marty...anymore...

  • Dallas

    by: squarewaveSpades

    Dallas from Payday: The Heist and/or Payday 2.

  • Flannery Moore

    by: Shotguns?

    Flannery, gym leader of Lavaridge Town from Pokemon.

  • The Dog that wasnt

    by: Splinks

    I tried to be a dog

  • Broken dog thing

    by: Splinks

    I tried to be a dog

  • SANS


    The brother of Papyrus from Undertale, geeettttttt dunked on!

  • Papa Smurf

    by: Yeo

    Looks like somebody smurfed the smurf.

  • Rick Sanchez (Season 2 Finale)

    by: Yeo

    Rick at the end of season 2.

  • Rick Sanchez

    by: Yeo

    Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty. WUBBALUBBADUBDUB!

  • Camo Tagger

    by: SK8.William

    Robert was born in Berlin,and loves to skate and spray.It's a mix of his happiness.He finds the highest spots to tag WITH his skateboard.Is the skater you want to ride with.

  • Granny

    by: SK8.William

    Directly from Mat Hoffman`s Pro BMX,Granny is a slick lady,she lives to ride and rides to live.She is pro in the BMX for 90 years,and is going to try her luck in the board with wheels.

  • Mark Thompson

    by: SK8.William

    Normal skater who loves his life and lives what he loves.Mark sees the world like it is,and doesn`t care about what people say about him.A tough teenager,Mark is in his way to become a pro.

  • Evil Morty

    by: @imgjr

    Just like Morty, but note the evil eye patch.

  • Morty Smith

    by: @imgjr

    From Rick and Morty, Forever a 100 Years.

  • Mr. Skeletal

    by: Afflicted One

    This is Mr. Skeletal, he is a skeleton who rides on two skulls instead of a skateboard. Don't get spooked!

  • Spongebob

    by: PortalX

    Edited version of Dlove4u2's Zombie Spongebob (This one isn't a Zombie :D)

  • Angel Guy

    by: MindsEye

    A Pro Skater with Angel Wings

  • THUG Pro Dude

    by: THUG Pro

    A new look of his style

  • Rex

    by: Rex

  • Little Mac

    by: Desubat/ Djoni010

    Little Mac from the game: Punch-Out

  • Zina

    by: Powered by Luigi

    She have no speicals tricks make a new empty slot!

  • Zeke

    by: Dev-mars_bros

    The character named Zeke

  • Lisa

    by: Powered by Luigi

    Is Kool

  • THUG 1 Default Male CAS

    by: HooL

    The default Male CAS from THUG - complete with Green and White baseball T, brown pants and 50's Shoes. All (pretty much) accurate colours.

  • Heisenberg

    by: Xelker

    From Breaking Bad

  • Marty McFly

    by: HooL

    Skate as the main character from the Back to the Future Trilogy.

  • Ant Man

    by: HooL

    The smallest super-hero with the biggest combos. Skate as the hero of the Marvel film "Ant-Man". Ants not included.


    by: Boomtime

    small guy with hat

  • big_dick

    by: unknown

    cas similar a penis

  • Rabbit Silhouette

    by: Dlove4u2

    Mad Men esque Rabbit Sihlouette

  • Rabbit Ultra-Violet

    by: Dlove4u2

    It's a bright bunny

  • Stax

    by: Dlove4u2


  • Dave Vile

    by: Dlove4u2

    Devil boyo

  • Beaver Buddy

    by: Dlove4u2

    Always handle beaver with care

  • Punk-O

    by: Dlove4u2

    Punker toon

  • Double O'Baby

    by: Dlove4u2

    Milk Shaken' not stired

  • Chris Willson

    by: Jonte999770

    Likes Cargo shorts

  • ProvManMcgee

    by: Zenotama

    hes good for prov

  • Chris/Kensucky

    by: AndrewRoks1998

    The default CAS in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

  • Blak Teerz

    by: Dlove4u2

    some emo kid.....

  • InfamousTPS THPS Skater

    by: Zenotama

    The skater i use in my videos

  • Teener

    by: Freak-o

  • Spario

    by: Zenotama

    Eric Sparrows cool half brother who is actually cool

  • Nate Ruess (of Fun.)

    by: TheTHPSKing

    He's been in the bands "The Format", "Fun." and just released his first solo album "Grand Romantic". I really like his music, so I decided to make him as a CAS. His clothing is based off of the Grand Romantic artwork. Enjoy! - THPSKing

  • JJSK8

    by: TheTHPSKing

    People call him JJSK8, but his friends call him JJ. He's 16 and skates around. He's a professional. Feel free to download JJSK8 and play as him. -TheTHPSKing, creator of JJ.

  • Scout

    by: ThAEm

    Th Scout from Team Fortress 2. Bonk!

  • Big Goat

    by: Goat Man

    The Father

  • Janson (AKA ME)

    by: Zenotama

    this is my character based off of me but without the freckles and short hair. enjoy

  • Crow

    by: Dlove4u2

    I wish, I was a crow.

  • Zombie SpongeBob

    by: Dlove4u2

    Bring it aaaaaaaaround town...and eat its brains

  • byxor's CAS

    by: byxor

    Fella with orange sunhat & custom tricks.

  • Rainbow Man

    by: Challenger

    Neon colors. That's all.

  • Go Go Tomago

    by: Challenger

    From the movie

  • Flat Man

    by: Challenger

    A flat skater.

  • Flashy Man

    by: Challenger

    Completely flat skater with a buttload of accessories neon colors. Designed to replicate the flash glitch.

  • Fat Albert

    by: Challenger

    Hey hey hey!

  • Dr. Robotnik

    by: Challenger

    From the Sonic series. Has a couple of custom tricks.

  • Darkness

    by: Challenger

    Completely dark skater. Used inf sat/val mod.

  • Squidward

    by: Ian Tent.


  • CasHiddenI+BS

    by: TNT

    Has hidden shirt, head option, and extremely scaled broken board.

  • CasHiddenI+Tiny

    by: TNT

    CAS scaled extremely small, but still visible.

  • ScaledInvisible

    by: TNT

    CAS Scaled so small it's invisible.

  • HiddenItemCASF

    by: TNT

    Has hidden head, half hair, and hidden panties!

  • HiddenItemCAS3

    by: TNT

    Has hidden shirt, head option, and invisible board

  • HiddenItemCAS2

    by: TNT

    Has hidden shirt, head option, and deck ($100 Bill Board)

  • HiddenItemCAS

    by: TNT

    Has hidden shirt, head option, and deck (woodgrain zero)

  • Goat God

    by: Josh.sGn

    The God of all goats

  • Paul Blart

    by: Akamu


  • Chris Hansen

    by: Akamu

    Take a seat

  • Parappa The Rapper

    by: AndrewRoks1998

    From the PS1 game of the same name

  • BaasikBlast112

    by: Akamu

    CAS used by BaasikBlast112

  • Peter Markusson

    by: Cowrawl

    Hot swedish twink idk if I put any specials in or whatever