Author: Dodeman

Episode #42: ghost

ghost is an incredibly talented player who started playing casually when the series first came out and only got into the online scene, and the world of improv and transfers in 2016. He was the founder and leader of the $MG clan, which released two of the most critically acclaimed team transfer videos ever, and later became a member of Runs In Vain. During his cross country travels, Ghost has actually met up with 9 fellow THPS players, and has become extremely well versed in the meta of THPS with regards to improv and transfer techniques, we conduct a very interesting discussion on the current state of improv and all things THPS.

Episode #41: Chris Rausch

Chris Rausch worked for Neversoft as a Game Designer for Pro Skater 1 through Underground 1. Many will recognize him by one of his nicknames: Team Chicken: think: TC’s Roof Gap in School 2. Chris is currently the Creative Director for Nicalis, and previous co-founder of Supervillain Studios. He is a longstanding vet of the games industry, starting as a teenager with Virgin Interactive and 21holding his first lead design role at the age of 19. He played a massive role in the work that brought the Tony Hawk franchise to life with Neversoft. Chris has seen the entire scope of the games industry from high successes of massive triple-a games, to the rough and trying times of a scrappy start-up. Chris also was involved with and interviewed for the Pretending I’m A Superman THPS documentary.

Episode #40: Raoul Duke

Raoul Duke is a long-standing player of the series faithfully representing the European community for many years. He acted as a “lighthouse” for the european community. A member of the famous theot clan which was formed during THPS3- he was one of the first members to get invited at the onset of THPS4. He has never quite considered himself as a pro, but wouldn’t call himself casual either. He starred in the infamous THUG1 Video: THUG – Televizzle, along with multiple other great style lines videos, improv videos and was a great Create A Park creator.

Episode #39: Jess3

Jess3 is an amazing player that started playing THPS Online on PS2 in the summer of 2005 and played continually through 2012. After a hiatus he returned to the scene in 2017 and began playing THUGPro and has been ever since. He is a proud member of the PHUN clan, since 2011, and is an alumni of the ,.SN. clan, since 2008. He was recently featured in the latest PHUN team video: PUREPHUN 5. He has made multiple gameplay videos including 2 current ongoing series: Everlasting: a long combo improv series, and Hot Sauce: an improvTV series. He is well known for doing weird Teleplants in improv runs and is one of the best King of the Hill players around.

Episode #38: prevzzy

prevzzy is one of today’s top players achieving amazing high scores. He started this journey of being a top scorer in THAW around 2007, although it wasn’t until 2018 when he played THUG PRO where he really became active and came to life. Since then he has achieved over a billion point combos on 29 different maps and 2 billion point combos on 9 of these. He’s played a huge role in discovering various THUG2 engine mechanics that eventually lead to high scoring elevating to a level never seen before. He is the creator of in depth balance analysis videos, but he is the best known for his complex and creative lines that allowed him to get scores like 491 million on Practice, 1052 million on New Orleans with no balance meters or 2358 million on Pro Skater. He was the winner of OaS high scoring tournament, tHL graffiti tournament and most recently – andyTHPS’ graffiti tournament. He has recently joined the SiN clan along with other top tier high scoring players who are now seeking to dominate THPS1+2 leader-boards.