Author: Dodeman

Episode #47: Bungle

Bungle is well-known within the old-school THPS Community for his ability and creativity. He created dozens of unique, interesting and just flat fun Create-A-Parks for THPS4-THAW. Bungle was a member of the tXo clan and then later was one of the leaders of the CAR Clan. Bungle helped maintain and contribute to the tXo Hosted site: Create-A-Review, which he would continue to host, administer and support when the primary tXo site closed its doors. He created and facilitated multiple contests and was a strong influence in the community for many years.

Episode #46: Mick West

Mick co-founded the video game development company Neversoft Entertainment in July 1994 with Joel Jewett and Chris Ward. Working at Neversoft for nine years as Technical Director: he was heavily involved in programming the first five games of the Tony Hawk’s series. His favorite contributions were doing the initial player control for THPS. He was responsible for general technological developments at Neversoft during those first nine years, which was quite a bit of stuff! He also worked on Apocalypse and Spider Man for Neversoft. As we have heard from other THPS Podcast guests: Mick is largely responsible for creating the famous gameplay “feel” in THPS. 

Since retiring as a video game programmer, Mick has created the websites Contrail Science and Metabunk, and he investigates and debunks pseudoscientific claims and conspiracy theories such as chemtrails and UFOs. His first book is Escaping the Rabbit Hole. How to Debunk Conspiracy Theories Using Facts, Logic, and Respect. He further hosts a podcast Tales from the Rabbit Hole where he interviews “conspiracy culture” guests.

Episode #45: Shame

Shame started playing the series during THPS3, but he didn’t start playing online until THUG1 in 2005. He calls himself a “Midwest 1 noob” during that time and stayed there for a good while. He would eventually start playing and enjoying improv. He was part of the PrO clan in late 2006. He took a long break from the series from 2008-2011. He enjoyed playing in a very small but active PS2 community in 2011-12. After taking another extended hiatus he would start playing once again in 2017, he joined the iA clan and then most recently became a part of the tLT clan. He is part of the great tLT2020 video and has a doubles video with Dragon. He is also known for housing multiple THPS players in real life at his various apartments in the Chicago area.

Episode #44: Green

Green started playing THPS on THPS4 in 2005. Back then he was best known for being the leader of kS, and co-leader of iSL following the kS and jT0 merger. kS released two well-received transfer videos, and iSL produced one as well. He took 1st place during the SoS3 improv tournament on both THPS4 and THUG1. He continued to stay pretty active in the community participating in the Get There challenges, tallying a total of 15 GT wins on

He took a long hiatus and returned to the scene on THUGPro. Since then he has joined the tLT clan, he won the Baltimore improv tournament, and has produced and been involved with multiple video projects including: a few improv videos, No Manual videos, and most recently was in tLTV 2020. He earned the top seed in the preliminary round of the i5 Improv Tournament.

Episode #43: sk8ace

sk8ace is a veteran player of the series and started playing THPS online during the Pro Skater 3 era. He became competitive in the King of the Hill and Capture the Flag scene during Pro Skater 4. He is one of the founders of the Super Noobs (SN) clan. He is still one of the top KOTH players in the community today.

He was asked by Krad and FreddY to create one of the first custom versions of the website, and he’s been involved with that site and efforts since. THPSX is one of the few community websites that was around through some of the series “dark years” and has provided forums, information, and more…plus it currently has the largest known vault of custom content for THUGPro anywhere.