Tiny Tina

by: PunkyDTH

Uploaded: 7/6/2020

Now Pandoras Deadliest 13yr old is joining Thug Pro. She Comes With a SKA file for femlae voice. place skin and tex in GameDatamodelsPedsPedProsPedPro_Muska. SKA in Save
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(7/26/2020) PunkyDTH: Use a mod in thug2 ( antera mod and join a level with a female created skater and load the model i want ingame via debug menu , also join edit skater via debug menu and save it there so it wil kepp female voice ( works only on pedestrian models)
bit confusing sorry
(7/10/2020) EdoYuma: when making your own mod, how did you change the voice to female without resetting the appearance of the created skater?