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Title: [THUG2] ClownJob'd
Post by: %.gone. on November 20, 2021, 02:09:45 am
ClownJob'd THUG2 Version by %.gone.

v1.0 - (
v1.1 - (
v1.2 - (

Included Files

The purpose of this mod is to add some bug fixes and features asked about in the community, all while being self-contained and not making changes to any loose files. Some changes are made to scripts in memory and cfunctions in order for the features to work properly.

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  Name              | Alias
  NS TEST SKATER    | nstestskater


Known Issues

I'd like to thank anyone and everyone that helped directly or indirectly troubleshoot and/or test during the development of this mod.
Also, anyone that supported and pushed me to stop procrastinating to make this mod possible.