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Make sure to backup updt.dll before replacing. Using Surgeon mod with this CAP mod does more things.

This mod allows you to pass park resize limit than the game allows. Resize park pass 38 x 38 will crash the game. Resizing 37 x 72 is the max but the other side of the park is non-playable zone but more spaces to place pieces. Nuke Park will shift the park floor. Cars has no failed goal after reaching 0:00. Parks with premade size doesn't work like Alcatraz, Hell, THPS3, and THPS4 themes. Park Resize message is resizing park is faster.

CAP Surgeon Mod:

  • Resizing space by 1 step instead of 4
  • Vehicles control type. Will work playing park with cars with people using updt.dll enabled.
  • Increase and decrease goal timer by 1 step
  • Increase park editor bar. This will allow you to resize the park with pieces already placed without having to delete pieces to resize the park. The park bar may show full or how much park space taken up after exiting test play but it's not.

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