Black Goku & Black Goku Rose Pack

by: Tanerseto

Uploaded: 10/29/2019

Replaces The Boxer Black Goku

Replaces Bratwurst Vendor Black Goku Rose

How to install Readme in Description Have Fun Black

Goku say The hurt makes me Stronger hahaha :D Have Fun :)
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(10/30/2019) Tanerseto: replace this for Black Goku Rose Ped_BratwurstVendor after install start you game and go in skater for fun and search the Boxer and the Bratwurstvendor you see the Black goku I hope i can help you have fun :) i tested in thug 2 its works nice
(10/30/2019) Tanerseto: Hello Kidbuu1995 for install is easy :) first go in you installed Thug 2 local and open the game Folder and go in data and open the folder models and open the folder peds and you see in peds folder is models search Ped_boxer and Ped_BratwurstVendor Right, and make Backup, and replace This datas for black goku is Ped_Boxer and replace this fo
(10/29/2019) KidBuu1995: could you please explain how to install even after reading the README I couldnt get it to work