Oil Rig (THAW)

by: QwertUez

Uploaded: 10/27/2019

Oil Rig straight from American Wasteland! Still has gaps missing but I added some so whore players have something to work with.
Rated 3.66666666667/5 from 3 total votes


(11/13/2019) Skater1014: Rated 4/5: Very dark lighting, terrain sounds are inaccurate, restarts are a little different from THAW but the rails & everything else flow great.
Overall a nicely done rip minus the minor visual & terrain sound issues, definitely a level to keep installed until it gets officially added by the devs.
(11/10/2019) crab-redux: Rated 2/5: gowno bez gapów i useless bo ju┼╝ mamy oil riga w thugpro
(11/4/2019) sockpuppetkingdom: Rated 5/5: Super good port, too bad the lack of a bank drop ruins the dinner bell rails