Greenville - Vail Trails

by: Skater1014

Uploaded: 3/27/2019

From the Dreamcast version of Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX. Original sounds & scripted stuff intact.
Compatible with KOTH.
Rated 4/5 from 1 total votes


(9/2/2019) ZZKer: Rated 4/5: Nice port. Feels like I'm actually on a Dreamcast!


(3/30/2019) (Ver. 1.1)
- Fixed many crashes that happened in multiple areas of the map when reverting, pivoting, or bailing.
(If you happen to find any more crashes please let me know on Discord or something.)
- Fixed a vert ramp that had weird collision & bumps in the mesh.
- Misc. vertex color/lighting improvements.