by: Skater1014

Uploaded: 2/3/2019

That huge popular Gmod map.
Works online, compatible with KOTH. Original easter eggs intact.
Map & textures ripped by Kuato & set up for THUGPro by TomoAlien & Skater1014.
Rated 5/5 from 5 total votes


(9/2/2019) ZZKer: Rated 5/5: Great port. So much done to make it good. Way too big for me but still 5 cause it's got so much to do
(3/18/2019) skatefilter5: Rated 5/5: massive map!!!
(2/7/2019) sockpuppetkingdom: Rated 5/5: Really cool map import!
(2/6/2019) Dust: Rated 5/5: beautiful map
(2/3/2019) warpig: looks great! ill check it out
(2/3/2019) NamelessWarning: Rated 5/5: Really well done port. It's neat exploring this map like this. The added ramps and other pieces help make it more interesting. Also seeing how high you can get with the buildings is fun, especially in KOTH. Either way, lots to do on this map!