Nameless Puzzle Course

by: NamelessWarning

Uploaded: 1/26/2019

New year, new theme! A not-as-linear challenge from start to finish! Can you activate all the buttons?
Rated 4.83333333333/5 from 6 total votes


(2/23/2019) Jimmy: Rated 5/5: 5/5 Fantastic
(2/6/2019) SK8.William: Rated 5/5: Completely mind-blowing from start to finish.I wasn't expecting any of this! Beautiful map.
(1/29/2019) TheAwesomeFish: Rated 4/5: The horizontal moving wallride sections tended to stop me dead when I jumped off them. Not sure if anyone else has that issue, but aside from that it was cracking fun!
(1/28/2019) sk8ace: Rated 5/5: Another great map!
(1/28/2019) ZKY2K: Rated 5/5: This map has some amazing scripting! Is also very fun to play through but is a bit easy though. The final puzzle was very creative and slightly more of a challenge. Good work! :)
(1/27/2019) Skater1014: Looks pretty cool.
(1/26/2019) Sattan: Rated 5/5: !