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CAP Contest #10: Winner!

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October 13, 2019, 08:25:17 PM
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Here are the scores for CAP Contest #10:

Congrats TheAwesomeFish for your winning entry Foundry:!!

Live Stream of the judging results here:

Contest #11 is TBD...
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Re: CAP Contest #10: Winner!

Reply 1 Today at 05:57:19 AM
Congratulations! He deserved the first place!  :)

Re: CAP Contest #10: Winner!

Reply 2 Today at 12:12:48 PM
Damn I missed the stream. Also congrats awesomefish on winning, it's uncanny how similar the level feels like the original. Btw Chuckiepk the mashup was pretty clever how the levels connected to one another, felt very natural. Good job everyone !

Re: CAP Contest #10: Winner!

Reply 3 Today at 01:53:25 PM
Woohoo, thanks guys! I was surprised Foundry was received quite as well as it was! As I've said elsewhere, there were a lot of entertaining levels in this one, the mashup level was laid out extremely well, in particular. Had great fun with the theme as well, well done to everyone for their entries, really looking forward to whenever the next one happens to be!

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