AuthorPark NameDescriptionPictureLink
yib Chompetition For this park, I drew inspiration from more of the outside competition levels like Rio and Marseilles. Download
dragort Paraskate Park Skatepark in paradise ft. some familiar faces Download
Ello-Officer Prison Park Simple skatepark set in a prison. Download
anicandrive Antarctica Comp A skate comp in Antartica! Its really cold out so nobody is really observing, but dont think that means you can skate on the bleachers. Also a few crazy people wandered onto the competition area, just ignore them and you'll be fine. STAY OFF THE BLEACHERS Download
BootPrettyBootSwagg CAP5 this is my first entry, have fun Download
skatefilter5 General Career It's my old school when I was grade 5, when I use to met Joseph and Garvy at my school. Download
Chuckiepk Skate Park This is a skate competition themed park that is separated into two buildings. One has a mega ramp and the other has smaller quarter pipes and jumps. You can also skate outside and on top of the buildings as well. Download
Soulstorm64 Thunderbowl Design inspired by Matt Hoffman BMX Level Download
warpig sk8-o-rama i think very basic , tried to used a lot of kickers slopes and pools to just make sense but im pretty content with the outcome. cheers! Download
ThAEm The Skate Arena A little skatepark with areas for street and vert. Download
Iron Hawk Indoor Factory Competition Just a decent sized competition themed level, with a pool, halfpipe, lots of funboxs, rails, gaps some goals, and a gap that can be triggered by a lip Download
Dust Seattle Comp I live in Washington and Seattle is in Washington so I felt like making the competition level in Seattle, it's set in the warehouse theme. Download