AuthorPark NameDescriptionPictureLink
JVCK TheCity CAP Contest #7 entry. It's a city with some roads, buildings and a center square. Includes a building that you can get inside and some hidden bowls. Download
Chuckiepk Skatelandia Small beachside town. Contains a skatepark, factory, beach, river, neighborhood, and a hidden underground area. Also features gaps, goals, CTF flags, and KOTH crowns. Download
Jimmy Los Jimmos I tried to be as realistic as I could. Park has a lot to do - combo line in a railway, 2 skateparks for freesk8 and realistic skating, park and a skateable street. It has a massive gap line to complete. Great for KOTH players.. And so on... :) Greetings Download
Iron Hawk Destruction City A city themed CAP, lots of inspiration from thaw, as you will see ;) Download
ello-officer LA River I'm sorry if there is too much and it might crash during online play, it works fine with no slow down if you play at low resolution setting. Download
warpiq 1-CiTY enjoy this park. Download
applepielord333 skatecity this is a city thathas given up tech and cars so skating is how you get around it has a skatepark Download
LilyDustyScooter Fourside For the CAP contest #7 Download
Dan CBD Center =Created By= Dan a.k.a Cold Media =Special Thanks= THPSX Community, Joey Download