AuthorPark NameDescriptionPictureLink
Chuckiepk sKOOL is KOOL Prefered games: King of the Hill or Capture the Flag Download
LB!Jimmy School's out! This park is only a part of city I've build. It includes part of school, some suburbs and so much fun. I tried to be as realistic as possible. Best wishes, Jimmy. Download
wArpiG PROG SKEWL wow felt like i was doing an essay or something on this, really. enjoyed the process. cheers! Download
JACU1990 (Yasoo) SkateZone SQL by Jacu CAP Contest #6 Download
Iron Hawk School Just a basic school level with a indoor gym, some cool outside lines, a basketball court, and even some rooftop quartpipes Download
bootybootinabootyworld Scool of Skate title says it all. Download